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CHS Pics | Pagliacci’s Pike/Pine pizza HQ adds slice bar and ‘Center for Excellence’

Pagliacci marked the opening of its new E Pike slice shop this weekend with a free day of pizza.

The special day of free slices — two per customer, please — celebrated the opening of its new slice bar which was built out of the Seattle company’s longtime E Pike headquarters and call center. The new space on Pike between Crawford and Summit features the slice bar, seating, delivery and takeout, and also serves as the HQ’s “state-of-the-art training facility and pizza testing kitchen.” CHS is all for experimentation and research and development in the field of pizza.

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The new shop also features beer and wine, a display of posters by Seattle graphic designers and Pagliacci pizza box artists Ames Bros decorating the dining room, and a Pac-Man arcade machine.

CHS reported on the project’s construction last summer as Pagliacci marked 40 years in Seattle. It’s been in the works for years — CHS first wrote about efforts to shape the restaurant in 2016.

With the opening of the new E Pike restaurant and “Center for Excellence,” Pagliacci has shuttered its longtime Broadway location. It opened there in 1983.

Dorene Centioli-McTigue opened the pizzeria “Seattle came to know and love as Pagliacci” in 1979 in the U-District. That location closed in 2018 as Pagliacci focused its 20 or so locations. In 2000, the company was purchased by business partners behind Torrefazione Italia who turned the sale of the high-end coffee brand to Starbucks into an investment in Seattle pizza. Pat McDonald and Matt Galvin remain owners of Pagliacci as it moves into its fifth decade.

The extended food and drink business family includes Macrina. While remaining two separate companies, Macrina and Pagliacci combined their ownership structures in 2007 when bakery owner Leslie Mackie wanted to streamline her business. Macrina opened its first Capitol Hill cafe at 19th and Aloha in 2018.

Pagliacci now operates 25 locations around Seattle and looks set to continue its position as the top choice for delivery in most areas of the city. Surely all the developments from the new E Pike test kitchen will only help cement its place.

Pagliacci is now open at 415 E Pike. You can learn more at

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7 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Pagliacci’s Pike/Pine pizza HQ adds slice bar and ‘Center for Excellence’

  1. Torrefazione Italia, along with it’s then sister company Seattle’s Best Coffee was sold to AFC Enterprises in 1998 and then sold to Starbucks in 2003. So the money was probably from the sale to AFC (America’s Favorite Chicken, seriously), who at the time owned Popeyes, Churches, and also owned Cinnabon for a bit too. Not really a huge deal, but details matter. Also, probably just some PTSD from working there during the take over by the chicken people. Ugh.

    • Everybody has a different definition of “pizza” but I really like Hot Mama’s. Via Tribunali is better for calzone, Zeeks and Pagliacci are decent options for a game night. Big Mario’s is a great option after some drinks. The Independent Pizzeria is probably the best thing you can get near Capitol Hill.

      I’d love to hear your recommendations. I am mildly interested in your complains :-)

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