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Good Weather, part of strong pack of bike cafes around Capitol Hill, set to expand

(Image: Good Weather)

Slowly but surely, the area around Capitol Hill is becoming an easier place to ride a bike. The area’s bicycle-focused hangouts have also grown and, apparently, prospered. One venture in the heart of Pike/Pine has now cycled from a small shop tucked away on an upper floor above 11th Ave to the heart of Chophouse Row, and, now, an expansion in the development’s mix of food, drink, and retail.

Chophouse bike cafe Good Weather is expanding by 100%.

“Good Weather Bicycle & Cafe is doubling in size at the end of February and adding space to both the full-service bike shop and the cafe/bar,” co-owner Brandon Waterman said in an an announcement on the expansion. “We’ll warmly continue serving our delicious breakfast tacos as well as ramp up our beer selection, add seating for events and groups, and showcase a larger curated selection of bicycles and parts.”

(Image: Good Weather)

CHS first wrote about Good Weather back when Waterman and Jason Marqusee teamed up on a repair shop on the second floor along 11th Ave above Purr where Queer/Bar does its thing today. In late 2017, Good Weather moved closer to street level and expanded its concept to include a cafe inside the core of Chophouse Row just off the preservation-minded development’s central patio.

Good Weather also has plenty for gear heads and riders just looking for a tune up or repair. The shop offers “retail and service options from flats to fully custom builds and retrofits.”

Meanwhile, for hungry riders and the rest of us, there are “sandwiches, salads, and snacks,” plus “weekend breakfast tacos” by morning and beer and wine by night.

The area around Chophouse Row’s patio will see further change later this year. New owners are taking over at Bar Ferdinand with plans for a new wine-focused restaurant and bottleshop.

Good Weather has been part of a wave of bicycle-centered venues to join the area. In late 2015, a two-way race saw Metier debut on E Union with its mix of a cycling gym, bike shop, and cafePeloton, another in the cafe, bar, bike shop wave — broke away from the pack on E Jefferson. Global brand Rapha followed in early 2017 with its E Pine “clubhouse.” All in all, things have come a long way from the sad days in 2013 when Velo, the neighborhood’s only bike shop pedaled off the Hill and left its 11th/Pine space and sidewalk air hose behind.

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10 thoughts on “Good Weather, part of strong pack of bike cafes around Capitol Hill, set to expand

  1. oh joy, i sure hope this leads to more bike lanes sandwiched between the sidewalk and a parking lane so that as both a pedestrian and driver i have to inch out half way into the street to be able to safely (not safely at all) move through the intersection, only to watch any and all bikers speed down the hill and make absolutely no attempt to stop at red lights. fun.

    • Oh let us have a moment of silence for the poor souls driving 2000 pound killing machines as they have to slow down and wait… Or perhaps they should try walking across the street in front of the unearthly amount of other 2000 pound killing machines to demonstrate the REAL problem

      • Now Dan, didn’t you know there’s a “War on Cars”? Think of Cody’s feelings before you point out facts and logical reasoning!

        Cody just wants to get where he’s going as fast as possible and without any regard for human life. Drivers like him get triggered when cyclists run a red light, because only car drivers are allowed to run red lights and stop signs and crosswalks and…

    • I find it funny you think cars weigh 2,000 lbs, ignorance is bliss I guess. Good Weather is a good bike shop with good people providing good service and good food too. Unfortunately, Seattle is full of jerks (some ride bicycles, some walk, some drive vehicles, some are addicts, some are killing people with knives and bullets, some just hit people on a bus or sidewalk or on lightrail, some are just full of themselves, some have the last name Sawant…) who don’t care about anything but themselves. Good thing is we have good people too, like those at Good Weather, to offset the jerks.

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