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SPD searches for suspect after reported Melrose gunpoint robbery

A victim reported being robbed at gunpoint Wednesday morning near Melrose and E Harrison.

Police were called to the area just after 10:10 AM to the report that a male suspect armed with a handgun held up the victim and took off with a backpack in the heist.

Police and a K9 unit were searching the area around Melrose and the connector trail where the suspect was last seen. He was described as a male in his 30s or 40s, with shoulder length dark hair, wearing a green puffy jacket, and carrying an olive green backpack.

There were no immediate arrests and no serious injuries were reported.

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9 months ago

Was he white, black, asian, indian, hispanic? why can’t we know that very salient detail?

Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor
9 months ago

FWIW: the “connector trail” is a bike trail going through Bellevue Place, a tiny high angle grass Seattle Park that abuts the freeway. It connects Melrose Avenue with Lakeview Boulevard (if you’re a biker or pedestrian).
I cycle through there daily and often see people camping there.
Tuesday Morning some of the campers had driven two cars along the (narrow blacktop) bike”connector” trail to get to their tents, and did not seem happy to see me.

9 months ago

I was pulled over off of Roanoke next to the i5 north enterance at around 2:30 PM yesterday. Three or four squad cars, multiple cops with a shotgun and handguns pointed at me. One thing that this article doesn’t mention is that the robbery apparently took place via a yellow motorcycle.
I was out riding north from Cal Anderson park when pulled over. The description given to me of the suspect from the police does not match the information given on this website.
The description given to me was:
Brown jacket, white helmet, green/grey backpack, and riding a yellow bike. I was also told that the robbery took place around the time which I would have been at Cal Anderson park.
Sounds like the cops that I dealt with didn’t know what was going on. From my looking around yesterday and today I’ve also yet to find any sources that mention a motorcycle in relation to this robbery.
SPD wouldn’t it make sense to release that information to the public if you want to find this guy?