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With Lunchbox, chain wax arrives on Capitol Hill

Chain wax has arrived on Capitol HIll. The first Washington state outlet from Lunchbox Wax has opened in the retail component of E Pine’s Excelsior Apartments development.

The Sun Valley, Idaho-launched company boasts 46 “premier waxing salons” and franchise locations across the country.

“Being true to yourself means loving your personality, your style, and the skin you’re in,” the marketing for the new Capitol Hill location reads. “To give your skin some TLC, come to LunchboxWax Capitol Hill. We make pampering yourself simple and quick with our speed-waxing techniques that have made the LunchboxWax name famous.”

Lunchbox describes itself as “a boutique speed-waxing franchise catering to men and women.”

“After being introduced to the LunchboxWax franchise, I knew I wanted to get involved,” E Pine franchise owner Lisa Van Loben Sels said in the company’s press release on the opening. “I am excited to be a part of Seattle’s Capitol Hill community and honored to be a part of the process of expanding our franchise into the state of Washington.”

Waxing services are an important part of Capitol HIll beauty — and entertainment — culture. A few years back, CHS talked with entrepreneur Anne Uhlir about Wax On Spa on 15th Ave E about the company’s creation and growth. It marked 20 years of business last year.

Meanwhile, the block of retailers and businesses that call the 300 block of E Pine home in 2020 would likely amaze any Capitol Hill resident of 1999. The eight story, 203-unit, 180 parking space, preservation incentive boosted (but not landmarks worthy) development was built above the overhauled shells of auto row buildings along E Pine including the Melrose Building formerly home to the popular Bauhaus cafe. Bauhaus wasn’t the only small business displaced by the development. Retailers including Le FrockEdie’sScout ApparelVutiqueWall of Sound and Spine and Crown Books all eventually made way for the construction. New era tenants have included Seattle home decor business Stock and Pantry, a Pressed Juicery, euro fashion retailer Scotch and Soda, and high-end cycling brand Rapha.

You can learn more about Lunchbox Wax Capitol Hill at

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4 thoughts on “With Lunchbox, chain wax arrives on Capitol Hill

  1. Was it only me who took years to figure out why “Wax on Spa” on 15th had a taxidermied beaver in the window? It gets decorated for holidays, apparently!

    • er emm… nope that one didn’t take me longer than a second or two to figure out……

      Lunchbox though – I’m assuming that is a euphemism…. am I terribly out of touch if I say I’ve never heard that one before.

      Reminds me of having to be told that a song referencing ‘yodeling in the valley’ couldn’t be played on the radio during safe hours. That was a new one on me…

      • I think the idea is that a waxing of someone’s “box” could be accomplished over a lunch break; hence, Lunchbox. But that’s just my guess.

  2. I’ve been a loyal customer of Salon Dewi over the past couple of decades–in all its iterations–and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Not just local and independent, but fabulous, personalized service consistently.

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