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Capitol Hill Housing seeks community feedback on ‘LGBTQ-affirming affordable senior housing project’ The Eldridge

(Image: Environmental Works)

You can help shape The Eldridge, an eight-story affordable housing project focused on LGBTQ+ elders on Broadway between Pike and Pine that will include at least 100 units at a mix of affordability levels rising above the preserved facade of an auto row-era Seattle landmark.

Affordable housing developer Capitol Hill Housing and Capitol Hill architectural firm Environmental Works are collecting community feedback as they prepare for the start of the city’s design review process set to begin later this year:

Capitol Hill Housing’s LGBTQ-Affirming Affordable Senior Housing Project at 1515-1519 Broadway has been awarded funding by the Seattle Office of Housing, King County, and the Washington State Housing Trust Fund. The project team is preparing to submit the initial design package to the city for the Early Design Guidance process and is currently seeking feedback from community members on the project. A public update meeting was held in August 2019 and the project team plans to hold an additional public meeting in mid-2020 to obtain feedback on the building design and programming. Community members are encouraged to submit comments about the project in the meantime by visiting the project webpage or contacting the project team at (note: any information collected may be made public).

Last August, CHS reported on early plans for the project being envisioned as one of Seattle’s first “community preference” developments — a new program that encourages developers receiving city money to offer a portion of their affordable units to communities with ties to the neighborhood, particularly those with a high risk of displacement.”

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6 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Housing seeks community feedback on ‘LGBTQ-affirming affordable senior housing project’ The Eldridge

  1. How is this not patently discriminatory? Yes, I am hetero. But this isn’t some anti-gay rant. Honestly, is this where our society is going…using public money for projects that help one group of people only?

    • It can be really hard for LGBT seniors to find housing…it’s just the way it is.

      But I hear you…discriminatory preferences are in a general sense always bad, but the reality is that housing of this sort is needed now and will be even more necessary in the future.

      Think, for example, of the fact that many, many seniors have had their minds poisoned by decades of conservative agitation propaganda–the increasingly common disease known as Fox News Brain Rot–alongside the multi-millennia poisoning that comes with believe in primitive religion.

      Noxious primitive religious doctrines combined with a massive propaganda effort on the part of America’s ever-so-wonderful conservative movement have radicalized our elderly to the point where their children, very often, do not want to have anything to do with them…if you were a gay person, or an ethnic minority, would you want to be consigned to living around that?

      It sounds like a living hell.

      And, of course, the whole reason many of these places exist is to provide a place to “dump” noxious relatives…my father, for example, suffers from an incredibly advanced case of Fox News Brain Rot which was contracted, originally, from talk radio. So we’re talking decades of brain rot. It got to the point where my mother–not a paragon of progressivism herself, more of a “quiet psychopath”–had him “dumped” in a facility just like this approx. 75 miles from their home so she, functionally, never had to see him again. Think of it as an oubliette for the elderly.

      My siblings and I were more than happy to oblige….

      So…this is very much necessary.

      As an aside, you can be assured that, should you want to live in this building when old, you wouldn’t be rejected for being straight….

    • You’re hetero, so the whole world is built for you. I think this one building catering to an underserved community will still allow you to live a very successful life.

      But if you really want to move in, I’m sure you can lie. I don’t think they’re going to make you perform a sex act as part of your application.

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