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Reported jumper dies after I-5 fall from Pike overpass

(Image: WSDOT)

Washington State Patrol says a person died after reportedly leaping from the Pike overpass onto I-5 in front of the Convention Center early Tuesday morning.

Seattle Police and Seattle Fire were called to the scene near Pike and Hubbell Place just after 6 AM. A WSP spokesperson said the person fell and was struck by vehicles in the northbound lanes of I-5 and died at the scene.

WSP is still working to contact the drivers involved in the incident.

All northbound lanes but one were closed during the response. Despite lower than typical volumes due to the COVID-19 restrictions, traffic was reported backed up for about four miles during the three-hour closure.

Resources to help those in need: National suicide-prevention hotline: 800-273-8255. Local Crisis Clinic: (206) 461-3222. If you need immediate assistance, call 911.

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9 thoughts on “Reported jumper dies after I-5 fall from Pike overpass” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. How hard would it be to put a chainlink fence up to prevent jumpers? This has been happening for years. Certainly, very sad for everyone involved.

    • Suicides are mostly planned. You ultimately can’t stop a determined jumper. Things like chain link can usually be breached. If this is “the place”, this is where it will happen. The best you can expect is that another site is selected.

      • This is not true. Nine of out ten people who attempt suicide and survive, do not go on to complete it. “There are quite a few studies that show building barriers can save considerable numbers of lives, and people don’t just go to another location,

        Many people who are suicidal are suffering an acute emotional or mental crisis. Their decision-making is impaired. They may be intoxicated. Some don’t even necessarily want to die — they just want the pain of the moment to end. Restricting access to lethal means allows time for that person to move out of the crisis and for other people to intervene.

    • Every Freeway over pass should be fenced, not only to prevent jumpers, but also to prevent idiots from throwing stones and other objects off into traffic. I’ve experienced that more than once along I-5.

    • AMEN TO THIS!!!
      Perhaps if mental health assistance were easier to get folks may not get to the point of suicide. It’s so easy, like a no brainers but if you can’t see it , it must not be there. Great point!!

  2. Our son suffered from schizophrenic mental illness and dearly loved his family of seven. The day of Josh’s demise he was deeply inhibited by psychosis with voices and turmoil regarding Covid-19. A fence that would have given him even a chance to let the thought pass would have helped, there is no doubt in our mind.

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