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Suspect holds up 15th Ave E Walgreens in reported drug heist — UPDATE

Police were searching the area around 15th Ave E Monday night after a reported armed robbery at Walgreens.

The suspect, his face partially covered by an N-95 style mask, reportedly had what appeared to be a handgun in his hoodie pocket. According to East Precinct radio updates, he fled the store on foot with six bottles of drugs stolen in the just before 9 PM heist and was last seen headed northbound on 15th.

UPDATE: Police say the suspect handed the Walgreens pharmacist a note “and demanded narcotics,” implying he had a handgun in his pocket and that he would shoot him if he did not comply.”

Police and a K9 unit were searching the area and the northeast edges of Capitol Hill. There were no reported injuries and no arrests.

UPDATE: SPD says a white Honda was seen near the area of the hold-up but the driver sped away and eluded police. Police reported finding a vehicle matching the description later in the night near 10th and Yesler. Officers attempted to chase the driver as he again sped away in a pursuit that ended at I-5 northbound Dearborn offramp where the suspect was able to flee from the scene on foot.

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7 thoughts on “Suspect holds up 15th Ave E Walgreens in reported drug heist — UPDATE” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

    • Still at large after epic police chase! Drove a stolen white acura up the off-ramp of I-5, fled on foot, ghosted the car into a barrier. Lost k-9 via Jose Rizal dog park after circling through the jungle. Now stole another car southeast of I-5-I-90 corridor.

      • At least they are responsibly wearing a face mask to minimize coronavirus transmission as they wreak havoc on their crime spree across Seattle.

      • That’s….really smart to have confused the canines by running through the dog park.

        When we’re all fighting over the last roll of toilet paper, I’ll have to remember that.

  1. Smart move that he (likely) fled into the nearby homeless camps there. That place has turned into a real life Mad Max nightmare since the I-90/I-5 interchange encampment was cleared – to the point where first responders won’t go in unless something really bad goes down.

    Also, most pharmacies don’t carry Promethazine anymore. I wonder if that Walgreens still does. I still see a ridiculous amount of idiots posting photos of themselves sitting around sipping on Purple Drank with their friends. It’s a status drug in some circles.

    • Smart move that he (likely) fled into the nearby homeless camps there.

      Do you have a source or even a sliver of evidence for that or are you just posting false drivel due to your preconceived bias against the homeless, likely acquired by listening to too much Dori Monson?

  2. I really like the employees at this Walgreens. They’re often cheerful and friendly, and always helpful. I hope they and any customers are okay. They must be pretty shaken up.

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