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After COVID-19 pause, Seattle development projects signing up for new review process

Developers around Seattle and across Capitol Hill this week are making the decision of whether to transition their projects into the city’s temporary “administrative design review” process to keep developments moving forward through the COVID-19 crisis.

The result will be a small flurry of new design review notices and 14-day public comment periods for a handful of Capitol Hill projects currently stuck in development limbo.

A letter from the city presents developers with two options: One, elect to put their projects into review by city planning staff in a process that will “re-trigger” public notice and open up a new 14-day comment window for each project, or, two, to “wait until the Design Review Board’s (sic) have resumed business” to have review meetings rescheduled under the citizen board process.

CHS reported here on the city’s move to streamline its review processes through the COVID-19 crisis to eliminate the need for public gatherings. The public comment process will continue via email but city staff not volunteer boards will make the decision on whether designs meet standards.

We also looked at the roster of neighborhood developments on hold due to the pause of reviews and a temporary halt to construction during the restrictions. Some of those awaiting review will now have a new development schedule for neighbors, and community and development advocates to track. The schedule could also be an indicator of the economic impact of the crisis.

One example of a project that has opted in to the administrative review process can be found on 15th Ave E. City records show the project set to replace the Hilltop Service Station that as rejected in early March — Developer says auto row-inspired design for 15th Ave E project rejected for not being modern enough — has opted into the new program. We’ll have more on the new proposal for the project when its administrative review is scheduled.

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4 thoughts on “After COVID-19 pause, Seattle development projects signing up for new review process

    • Design and engineering are not the same thing – the design review process allows the community to have a voice in how the city we all live in looks. The public is involved in writing the building code and this process allows everyone to be involved in how it is applied.

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