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One to hospital, police search for suspects in Crawford Place shooting — UPDATE

Thanks to a CHS reader for pictures from the scene.

One person.was shot and police were searching for two possible suspects in a shooting Sunday afternoon on Crawford Place just off E Olive Way.

Police were called to reports of the shooting just before 1 PM on Crawford Pl behind City Market.

Multiple witnesses reported seeing the gunman open fire with three to four shots before fleeing the area south on Bellevue Ave.

Witnesses also reported seeing at least two people involved in the shooting — a shooter and another male who reportedly grabbed a backpack during the assault.

Police were continuing to search the area for the shooter and collect evidence at the scene including a receipt from a nearby store where a man matching the suspect’s description had shopped at just prior to the shooting.

Police were also looking for a black Subaru station wagon that may have been involved in the incident.

According to East Precinct radio, the male victim was shot in the arm. UPDATE: Seattle Fire reports their paramedics treated an approximately 20-year-old male who was taken to Harborview in serious condition.

Police are investigating the incident as an armed robbery. A SPD spokesperson tells CHS that the person who was shot was also robbed of his backpack. A brief from the department with more information on the incident is expected later today.

UPDATE 5/13/2020: After some delays due to a small flurry of SPD incidents in other parts of the city, the department’s public information office says Sunday’s shooting case is now with investigators. Police confirmed details of SPD’s report and added that the shooting followed a reported dispute between the men in the alley and that the victim was shot multiple times in the exchange. We do not have an update on his condition at Harborview. No arrests have been announced.

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13 thoughts on “One to hospital, police search for suspects in Crawford Place shooting — UPDATE” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. Thats quite a public area for it to be armed robbery. A lot of us around here (within half a block) expected it to be a drug deal gone wrong. That Alley and parking lot next to city market has always been a little sketch.

    • I live in the building that it happened behind and have seen many drug deals where someone puts a backpack in our dumpster then someone else a couple minutes later comes and fishes it out… I wouldn’t rule out drug related yet.

  2. That is shot in the alley with the silver Audi is my old parking spot, I live there for ten years until last fall. My car had been stolen, broken into 3 separate times 9once with a junkie slipping in the back and I was robbed at knife point getting my groceries. Hate all you want but it is absolutely the housing on summit, 100%.

  3. I really hope to hear more about this. The shooting happened literally right outside my window. Was it a broad daylight robbery? Or a drug deal gone wrong? I’m wondering if I can ever go in the alley again to take out my trash, or if i should just consider leaving seattle after 25 years

    • SPD was preparing to release a brief on it but their public information office got tied up in a few other higher priority cases. Hoping to get some more information today.

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