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After nearly 50 years, Seattle Gay News needs your help to keep printing

Celebrate Pride and freedom of the press by helping a Seattle LGBTQ insitution stay in business.

The Seattle Gay News needs a boost after the passing of its longtime publisher George Bakan:

George saw the SGN through the worst of times during the AIDS crisis and through the best of times, including the fight for marriage equality and many other victories. We’re determined to preserve his legacy and to keep his vision going. But life, changes in the print industry, and especially COVID-19 have taken their toll on even one of the most resilient independent publications in the United States. Independent journalism is now more important than ever, and we need your help in getting our feet under us for this next adventure.

CHS wrote about Bakan’s death earlier this month here. He had been in charge of SGN since 1983.The paper has a nearly 50-year history in the city.

It’s a terrible time for media companies with the COVID-19 crushing most revenue streams. The Stranger also had to mount a fundraising campaign earlier this year as it prepares to move off Capitol Hill.

CHS has been fortunate to have continued and increasingly strong support from voluntary, “pay what you can” subscribers. Thanks for the help! We’re also lending a hand by providing some of our news coverage to help fill SGN’s pages with important stories for the city’s LGBTQ communities.

You can give to support SGN here.

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