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6 thoughts on “CHOP Lawsuit Letter to Mayor Durkan

  1. As the HEO (highest elected official) in Seattle, Sintra v. Seattle would establish that Durkan has personal liability under the Federal Civil Rights Act if she takes an action that “violates clearly established statutory of constitutional rights of which a reasonable person should have known.” The bar to prove that is exceptionally high, however, I’d imagine if it could be demonstrated she actually instructed the cessation of policing in a part of the city that would be so unusual or exotic the defendants could go after her personal property.

    I hope they do.

    I would rather Durkan’s bank account be drained of $10 million in damages than half-a-million people in Seattle’s bank accounts drained of $20 each.

  2. By the way, you have to be a special kind of moron to even want to be Mayor of Seattle.

    First mayor in 65 years to lose a primary election; died in anonymity

    Second mayor in 65 years to lose a primary election; failed to mount a political comeback; whereabouts unknown

    Unseated after a single term; failed to mount a political comeback; whereabouts unknown

    Forced to resign – currently being sued to death

    Dead man walking

    • You have to go back to Norm Rice, 20 years ago, to find a single Seattle mayor who managed to ascend to higher office and – in Rice’s case – it wasn’t really that much higher … a deputy cabinet secretary.

      You then have to go back all the way to 1940 (I don’t count Mayor Braman’s appointment as the fifth highest post in the Department of Transportation) to Mayor Langlie who clawed his way into the Governor’s mansion after his term in Seattle. And then Mayor Miller in 1910 who managed to get to the U.S. House.

      The office of Mayor of Seattle is the graveyard of Washington politics. The best you can hope for afterwards is a lectureship at the Harvard Kennedy school and a board seat on fly by night startup.

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