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One to hospital in shooting at Capitol Hill protest

(Image: Alex Garland)

At least one person was reported shot and rushed to the hospital after an incident involving a vehicle and a dispute with the protest crowd near the Capitol Hill demonstration core at 11th and Pine.

Seattle Fire confirmed it was transporting the shooting victim after protest medics walked the person who was shot to a waiting ambulance. The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Police say the suspect is in custody and the gun recovered in the incident after the man drove his vehicle into a crowd at 11th and Pine. UPDATE: The suspect was booked into King County Jail for investigation of assault just after midnight.

There were reports of additional people shot but Seattle Fire reported via radio that there were no additional victims.

According to a witnesses, a driver veered toward the protest, was chased, and brandished a firearm. The victim reportedly was trying to disarm the man when he was shot.

The shooting came near the center of Seattle’s ongoing anti-police protests outside the East Precinct headquarters as the city begins a second week of demonstrations. Sunday night’s crowd included hundreds of people and dozens of police and National Guard troops.

Only minutes before the incident, Mayor Jenny Durkan wrapped up a press conference on the ongoing protests. During the session, Durkan apologized for a “disproportionate” police response to the protests and vowed to work to restore the “shattered” safety of Capitol Hill.

Protesters continued to crowd the area and resumed demonstrations as calm was maintained and restored. Nearby the shooting scene on 11th Ave, candles were lit at a memorial “to those killed during The George Floyd Rebellion.”

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21 thoughts on “One to hospital in shooting at Capitol Hill protest

  1. So maybe the Trumpist Chuck Norris wannabe clowns with the AKs and the black Charger were let out of jail earlier today – the same way all dangerous criminals are set free these days?

    • Protesters stopped that man’s car using a piece of the police barricade, another tried to go in through the car window and was shot, and protesters provided first aid to the victim. The role of the police in this case was to peacefully receive the shooter who came at them, through the crowd, with a gun in his hand.

      • We can speculate about what might have happened had the police not been there to take him into custody when they did.

        It seems unlikely there would have been happier endings absent the police’s arresting him.

  2. I’ve been to protests (here in Seattle) under Kathleen O’Toole where police assisted the protestors, dressed in their regular uniforms, they stopped cars from plowing through, they communicated. I didn’t see any of those things happening at any stage in these protests. Instead the police have decided to play king of the hill and simultaneously make huge shows of force while claiming powerlessness.

    • >they stopped cars from plowing through

      The police always do that when a parade permit is registered with the Special Events Committee. When it’s not, they don’t.

      The difference isn’t between O’Toole and Best. The difference is between the filing or non-filing of a 2-page form with the City of Seattle.

    • When there’s a parade permit, the police have points of contact with whom to communicate, including methods of communication such as telephone numbers and email addresses. When it’s not the only option they have is to wander around yelling “hey – who’s in charge here?”

      And, yeah, they don’t do that.

  3. I watched several protesters get shot directly with flash bangs or rubber bullets on Joey’s live stream around 12:30 am. One was a young woman and the other was an older man, perhaps a member of the press. They had to be dragged away and both were unconscious. Any update on their condition?

  4. Anyone out there an expert in facial recognition technology? Seems suspicious how the police were so calm when a person with a gun who had just shot someone approached them.

    • The shooting happened around the corner from the police line. Unless the police have right-angle bending vision they wouldn’t have known he’d just shot someone until he told them.

  5. I am absolutely baffled why this shooter isn’t a bigger news story (not CHS specifically but around the nation/region) and why isn’t it called “terrorism”… Video shows him with one hand in his pocket (presumably concealing the gun) while he crosses the police line and gives the thumbs up to the cops. How was he able to cross the police line so easily? Seems fishy (as a lot of people on twitter are pointing out). As long as the local media and the police don’t report on this or provide updates, it only increases the reasonable suspicion that they are in cahoots.

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