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Police investigate sex assault at Cal Anderson camp

Police are investigating a Thursday sex assault reported at the Capitol Hill protest camp.

The suspect was taken into custody after a volunteer medic overheard the commotion inside a camp tent as the victim who is deaf tried to scream for help, according to the police report on the incident.

Police say the 37-year-old suspect lured the 25-year-old woman into his tent around 1 PM with an offer of food. According to the police report, the suspect held the victim down and tried to kiss her. The woman told police she attempted to sign “do not touch” as the suspect covered her mouth and told her “do not scream” as he climbed on top of her and attempted to remove her clothing.

Police say the suspect tried to drag the woman back into his tent after the medic intervened. She remained with the medic until police arrived.

The suspect has not yet been charged but was ordered held on suspicion of indecent liberties. He remains in jail on $75,000 bail.

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16 thoughts on “Police investigate sex assault at Cal Anderson camp

  1. Very glad the woman is okay. Very curious who deemed it necessary to call the POLICE, for something that took place inside the CHOP. And what Exactly would have happened to the suspect if we didn’t have police to arrest him?
    Ready, set, troll!

    • She has a right to involve the police. Ya know, as in victims rights. If someone tries to sexually assault her they are willing to do the same to others.

      • She’s in a zone of an American city forcefully taken and occupied by political dissidents calling for the absolution of the police, white people, capitalization, and western civilization. She can go fuck herself if she thinks she’s entitled to the benefits of everything she’s actively trying to destroy. She should instead enjoy the anarchy and lawlessness she’s worked so hard for.

      • I think the OP is asking whether any CHOP volunteer subscribing, even in part, to the idea of “ACAB” shouldn’t be on principle calling the cops for help, but should instead be calling on restorative-justice advocates to intervene. Which begs the question — what IS the restorative-justice course-of-action in this case of sexual assault on this poor woman? Is there one? If so, why not show the pro-police world how it works? But if not, why not?

    • ” And what Exactly would have happened to the suspect if we didn’t have police to arrest him?”

      Nothing would have happened. He would probably have been let free…..or, at best, he would have been “counselled” by some “restorative justice” advocate to be a better person. HaHa….what a joke!

  2. Sawant is the biggest cheerleader for Capital Hill being turned into CHAZ/CHOP. And unlike Mayor who’s at least hinting it can’t continue Sawant seems to believe it should. This is her Shangri-la.

    So my question for real Capital Hill residents is why do you reelect her???

    • Are you seriously suggesting that a person being sexually assaulted in a park is somehow Kshama Sawant’s fault or responsibility?

      • Well, to be fair, Sawant did “seriously suggest” that Durkan, Best, and even Trump “shares responsibility” for last weekend’s fatal shooting in CHOP. As a city council member, Sawant seems to forget she is part of the establishment that she’s railing against — very bizarre.

    • You spelled Capitol wrong…twice. Also, our Mayor’s name is Jenny Durkan. I’ll let you get back to your expert opinion on our City that you obviously don’t live in.

  3. I used to be a liberal democrat. CHAZ/CHOP, BLM, graffiti, vandalism, looting, Durkan, Sawant, tearing down history, defunding the police, killing, drugs, disrespect for others, ruining businesses……all this has turned me into a racist conservative now.

    • Hi there. Come on over to the knot class we’re having. This weeks knot is the noose. They say this type of knot is really handy if your ever invited to the annual journalist awards in DC.
      Bring cookies…

  4. Pure BS. She tried to sign Don’t . Hahahahaha like he would understand the sign language for don’t. Isn’t that the middle finger. He tried to kiss her hahahahaha hey I’m gonna rape you but let me kiss you first. He told her not to scream. She’s friggen deaf for gawds sake. All she saw were lips moving and best she could tell he was reciting the menu for Taco Bell.
    And last but not least. Have you ever heard a deaf person scream?