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Report of another shooting near Capitol Hill protest camp — UPDATE: One to hospital

A victim is carried by the camp’s medic volunteers at Cal Anderson Sunday night (Image: Matt Mitgang)

A camp security volunteer responds to Sunday night’s shooting (Image: Matt Mitgang)

Another night of gun violence has sent at least one person to the hospital after a shooting in the area of the Capitol HIll protest camp Sunday night.

All information is preliminary at this time and has not been confirmed by police or Seattle Fire. Seattle Police has confirmed there was a shooting and that one person was taken to the hospital and that there were reports of a possible second shooting incident.

UPDATE 6/22/20 10:26 AM: SPD has posted a brief on the shooting reporting that the victim is a 17-year-old:

At 10:03 PM, police were monitoring a demonstration which had marched from the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) area to the West Precinct at 8th and Virginia in downtown Seattle. The march was returning to Capitol Hill when SPD’s 911 Center received multiple reports of gunfire near Cal Anderson Park. To ensure the safety of medical personnel, police staged with Seattle Fire at the edge of the CHOP area and were gathering information about where the shooting victim was located when they learned he had been transported in a private vehicle to Harborview Medical Center. Police received reports of a possible second injured person but were unable to confirm that there were any additional victims. The 17-year-old victim sustained a gunshot wound to the arm. He declined to speak with detectives. He was treated and released from the hospital. The Seattle Police Department is responding to 911 calls all over the city, including inside the CHOP. For 911 calls from within CHOP, officers will attempt to coordinate contact with victims and witnesses outside the protest zone. Anyone with information on the shooting that occurred Sunday is asked to call the tip line at (206) 233-5000.

Witnesses reported hearing multiple rounds of gunfire in an incident around 10:40 PM near the protest zone. Video from the scene also captured the sounds of gunfire.

A witness said organizers reported one victim was taken to the hospital with a shoulder wound.

There were reports of a possible second victim but no other person was reported injured in the incident.

Seattle Fire responded but the victim was transported by private vehicle to Harborview.

Sunday’s gun violence follows a shooting early Saturday that left a 19-year-old dead and another person wounded.

The shootings come as there has been growing pressure to address public safety issues around the camp and amid criticism that the occupation is distracting from the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle.

CHOP volunteers Sunday posted a letter documenting a community effort at the camp to address safety concerns. “First, we would like to acknowledge that no organizations, protests, or revolutions are perfect,” it begins. “We must all be willing to collectively learn and react quickly to mistakes within our movement. We do not want to see what was started with the intention of lifting the BLM message destroy before us all. We want to learn and react now.” Included in the community recommendations are efforts to reduce drug and alcohol use within CHOP, overnight quiet hours that focus camp activities between 8 AM and 8 PM, and improved communications for volunteer teams including medics and security within the camp.

People at the camp take defensive positions in the minutes following the shooting (Image: Matt Mitgang)

Just minutes before Sunday’s shooting, Mayor Jenny Durkan issued a statement about her administration’s efforts to address safety concerns around the camp.

“Working with Chief Scoggins, Chief Best, and other City departments, the City will continue to make changes on Capitol Hill in partnership with Black-led community organizations, demonstrators, small businesses, residents, and trusted messengers who will center de-escalation,” Durkan writes. “In the coming days, I believe together we can create a Capitol Hill environment that allows for peaceful demonstrations at Cal Anderson, quality of life for residents, and take concrete steps towards a new vision for policing in our City.”

The Seattle Police gang unit was called to the scene.

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53 thoughts on “Report of another shooting near Capitol Hill protest camp — UPDATE: One to hospital” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. I heard two sets of gunfire, about ten rounds each. Both very loud. First at 10pm, then again about 10:40pm.

  2. So we now have vigilante self appointed cops up at Cal Anderson with more rifles. That part of town is rapidly devolving in to a no go zone. Residents trying to move out, businesses closing down. When does it all end ?

      • True, the facebook page said MM was adjusting their hours. But they were also closed for one day (Sat). And in one of the Seattle Times story, Molly’s quoted as saying “I’m not sure when we’ll reopen,” which sounded more ambiguous (maybe that interview was done before the fb post). So it wasn’t entirely “spin.” And after tonight wouldn’t be surprised if there was another “adjustment.”

      • If those businesses haven’t closed yet, they will. Coming off the back of the lockdown, finally able to reopen at a higher capacity, and the ACTUAL residents of Capitol Hill are now too afraid or just plain don’t want to bother to visit any of them. Businesses can not survive in that environment, period.

      • Did you look at Molly’s Twitter post and Seattle Times article? Please read them. They kept their doors closed on Saturday, and are unsure when they will reopen due to safety concerns. Let’s look at all aspects of the CHOP, not only the good or the bad. Business need to operate and all residents need to feel safe.

      • People really trying to say that the possibility of nightly shootings and violence won’t affect business? What y’all smokin’?

  3. The real question isn’t ‘what’s wrong with CHOP,’ but ‘who wants to harm these children,’ and why? Why is anyone so incensed that they’re choosing to open fire on these protestors?

      • You stated in the other thread that you don’t even live here, so what do you know? As someone who does live here, I can tell you shootings and stabbings happen in this park on many, many weekends throughout the year even when the police are stationed right across the street, and the police still manage to not catch the perps or save people’s lives.

    • “Obvious” was just stating that it’s gang related since the gang unit was called. So that’s who could be wanting to hurt these children – to answer your question as you put it.

      • (responding to Carrie)
        The cops could do a better job, but saying they never catch perps is inaccurate.

        Last summer (July 22) they responded to an active shooter in the park within minutes and apprehended the suspect, possibly preventing more violence.

        They also caught (later) the person that killed Rayshauna Webber last summer.

  4. It’s a nightmare to live here right now. Total dereliction of duty by mayor and local government. I’ve lived here 15 years and trying to move out.

  5. If the BLM leaders truly want to learn and react now they will start by leaving the zone. They will then clean up all of the vandalism and graffiti in the neighborhood and park. Then they will work with the city leaders to relocate the homeless people now living in the park to a more suitable housing situation. .

    • Well, hey! There’s a big-ass piece of free real estate on the hill overlooking Dearborn on the northwest side of Rizal Bridge! Let’s reclaim it in the name of Who Gives a Shit?!

      Come one, come all! Boomer Sooner! And it’s adjacent to a shelter which, although you’ve eschewed its services, you’re free to just run out into 12th Ave traffic whenever you please to access! Endangering yourself and those operating motor vehicles? Who gives a damn?! Sure there’s a crosswalk 30 yards north; but you’ve established your counterculture narrative, so why would you start adhering to any sort of social norm that solidifies the safety of yourself and those around you?

      Just keep running out into traffic and Live Your Truth at 12th and almost-Weller!

      • Brilliant At Least.
        Never let facts get in the way of a PC narrative. Mayor Durkan will need to own this “Summer of Love” false dichotomy sooner rather than later. Same with Raz. The CHAZ-CHOP seems to have expired, devolved into “Chiraq” as Spike Lee called Chicago in his film of the same name.

  6. Curious what the path forward Is. Clear chop? New barriers or security reinforcement? I don’t care that people are occupying an area but I do care about THEIR safety and people in the area and hope there is a peaceful resolve soon.

  7. These shootings were from the perimeter of CHOP directed inside, all drive-by pop shots from cars with no plates. They were not from inside CHOP. Why are people violently targeting this peaceful protest? That is your real story.

    • Video from Friday night shows a big fight breaking out in CHOP just before the shots fired.

      We’ll probably never know what really happened though, even though there must have been dozens of witnesses.

      In any case, I doubt it really matters whether it was from “inside CHOP” or not. The place has become a magnet for crime, and is putting protesters, residents, businesses and the houseless people there in danger.

  8. One dead, 2-3 others injured by gun violence and there are still people romanticizing this failed attempt at ‘autonomous’ living. We can support blm best around a negotiating table w/adults and not in a share circle on Bobby Morris play field. We would like our neighborhood back asap as your movement has been hijacked putting the rest of us in danger.

  9. I live here and have been in the CHOP several times. I think the Black Lives Matter protest movement here in Seattle made a big mistake getting in bed with these white Anarchists. The memorial around the precinct is powerful and important. The land-grab/homestead at Cal Anderson where freedom of the press is nonexistent and where people get raped in tents is not a good look for our city or the Black Lives Matter movement.

    • Thank you, Marisol.
      One has to wonder if Antifa and BLM diverge in their agendas, one agenda much more violent than the other. Self-policing is fine but self-responsibility is finer. Choices have consequences.

  10. To the Leaders of the Seattle BLM and other justified social justice groups.

    You folks participated in the creation of this mess and clearly it is up to you to fix it. It is my humble opinion that every day these activities continue, you loose more and more of the folks you are trying to keep on your side for future positive change.

    • Yeah, I’m certainly for people being treated better and fully support that intention, but these people are just stupid and not something I’d want to see more of. The attitude is more reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution in China in the 60s and 70s.

  11. This situation was already becoming untenable for people who actually live on the Hill, now three people have been shot in less than 48 hours. At what point is enough enough for this city?

  12. I am flabbergasted how people can put their faith in Antifa and BLM, two Marxist organizations and expect peaceful existance. Sleep with the devil, but realize you have asked for constant turmoil. T’is a bitter pill to swallow.

  13. Some interesting attempts here to rationalize the mess that is CHOP and this recent violence by some supporters. The comment about BLM allowing anarchists+Occupy remnants to join in on this being a big mistake is fully correct. Clearly there are also some characters with affiliations leading to problems with violence. I have personally not met or spoken to anyone who does not support evolution in policing. But Seattle leadership has been profoundly foolish to try to pass this off as “summer of love” and allow it to continue. And how long before a resident gets rounds through their window or door when one of CHOP’s security people fires at someone without awareness of background? Both Seattle and San Francisco have a segment of people so open minded their brains fall out. City hall in both cities have warmly welcomed them and joined in.

  14. I have lived in Capitol Hill for 4 years and Seattle for 25. The core of the problem is that the City County members and much of the city bureaucracy does not view your average law-abiding, decent citizens as their constituents. The constituents are ‘activists’ that advocate for far-left policies and ideology — ie, homeless people, drug addicts, anti capitalists, and all sorts of identity groups.

    So, it doesn’t matter what us regular folks want. All that matters is what the ‘activist’ class wants. And they want (and relish) the CHOP and the complete shit-show that it is.

    • Agreed. And what’s also unfortunate is that the BLM protests got co-opted, yet again. The protesters in the CHOP have overplayed their hand.

    • 100% this. For years it’s felt like if you’re a tax paying, functional member of society, you’re a “bootlicker” and part of the problem.

  15. The shooting was around 10:40 PM, Sunday?

    Photos show bright daylight, sharp shadows and vivid color. Latest S&T? Can anybody explain?

    • The area where they are carrying the victim is a well lit sports field. The image with the armed responder is on a street with lots of street lights. The images have also probably been digitally enhanced.

  16. I’ve lived here on the Hill sense the mid 80’s. I walk through the Cal Anderson park just about everyday. It sure would be nice to have our park back.

  17. The good news is all these white LARP’ers are finally seeing what the police have had to deal with for years.


    If only CHOP security had, say, body cameras they couldn’t erase recordings from. And when they arrest the murderer, watch him walk free because all the evidence “collected” by LARP’ers will be thrown out of court.

    The Summer of Love became Altamont is less than two weeks!

    Like the old saying goes, a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.