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  1. I am a regular shopper at the Capitol Hill Trader Joe’s. I am very saddened to see the closure, and even more saddened if the reason for closure was to penalize employees for participating in the black lives matter protest on June 12. Please open our neighborhood store!

  2. This store is very essential for a lot of elderly people who live right down the street from it to be able to get affordable healthy food. It is a shame that they would close the store and punish the entire Community around it because they got upset about workers going to a protest. How is this beneficial? How does this make it okay to deny people healthy affordable food? Couldn’t you have given disciplinary action to the employees and a different way, of course you could. Shame on you for closing the store I was just going to go down there and get groceries for my mother but I guess without a car I’m going to have to figure out something else.

  3. Our store on capitol hill is closed indefinetely. I read that it is closed in retaliation to employees attending the blm march on june12th i stand by the employees. Maybe it’s time for a union- I understand I’ll pay more!

  4. Their official response is that it’s for a remodel?! Since when is closure for a remodel done effective immediately without thought to staff schedules and without staff knowledge. If this is, indeed the case TJ’s, I think you need a new PR team because this was a disastrous move. What I fear, as a cult-like member of TJ’s shoppers, is that it is retailiation for staff attending the BLM Strike and Protest. In that case, I will (very sadly and angrily) choose a different grocery store.

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