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23rd and Cherry shooting sends multiple victims to hospital — UPDATE: One dead

Thanks to a CHS reader for this picture from the scene

At least two people were reported shot after a bout of gunfire outside the Garfield Community Center gas station at 23rd and Cherry Monday night

Seattle Police was called to the scene just before 10:30 PM to a report of gunfire and found one victim with life threatening injuries. While officers were reported performing CPR and Seattle Fire was rushing to the scene, a second shooting victim was reported dropped off at Harborview.

There was a possible third victim in the shooting but CHS does not have further details. SPD and Seattle Fire have not yet confirmed the shooting response.

UPDATE: Seattle Police said overnight that three people were shot and one died at the scene:

Detectives are investigating after three people were shot in the 2300 block of East Cherry Street Monday at 10:15 PM.

Officers responded to the intersection of 23rd Avenue and East Cherry Street for reports of shots fired Monday night. When they arrived they found two people on the ground who reportedly been shot. Officers provided first aid to one of the victims. The second victim was pronounced dead at the scene by Seattle Fire Department Medics.

A short while later, a third victim, who was transported by private vehicle, arrived at Harborview Medical Center. Detectives are attempting to determine if this victim was injured during this shooting or if there was another scene.

Homicide detectives responded to the scene and are currently trying to determine what led up to the shooting. Detectives are asking anyone with information to please call the tip line at 206-233-5000.

Monday night’s shooting follows another bout of gun violence that sent one to the hospital Saturday night after a shooting at 18th and Madison.

UPDATE x2: The Central District murder was one of two homicides investigated by SPD on the night. Police were also collecting evidence after a man was shot to death inside an Aurora Ave motel room early Tuesday morning.

Police were collecting evidence at the scene including shell casings found west of the 23rd and Cherry intersection, according to East Precinct radio.

Monday night’s shooting joins a string of gun violence across Capitol Hill and the Central District that included two teens killed in incidents around the CHOP protest camp.

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17 thoughts on “23rd and Cherry shooting sends multiple victims to hospital — UPDATE: One dead” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. Unfortunately this is par for the course at that gas station. Earlier in the day I foolishly went there to fill up my tank and was immediately greeted by a homeless person begging for money. She hobbled off and went into a car that had a rear window made entirely of duct tape and trash bags. Two different people then pulled up blasting rap music with lyrics glorifying violence and misogyny. Lovely. Next time I will pay a few extra cents per gallon and just make the trip to Costco.

    It really doesn’t help there is a “tiny house” village smashed up right next door. Just the other day at this gas station I saw a homeless guy walking around barefoot swirling three hula hoops yelling to himself. Sorry folks, we really can’t tolerate this sort of behavior and keep voting in officials that condone this idiocy and not expect this to happen.

      • Maybe they should put all those tiny houses in your backyard and put a fence around, so you all can happily tolerate each other.

      • perhaps they can stay at your house they need more places for homeless and mentally ill people. please volunteer your property.

    • I wasn’t aware that swirling hula hoops can’t be tolerated. Who made you so angry Earl? I’m sorry you don’t like people that are less fortunate than you. But I’m betting they are less of a prick than you…

  2. Has there really been “a string of gun violence” though? This is just status quo gun violence for the area. Same as last Summer when they said turf wars were going on after a bullet landed on my patio.

    • Yes! I heard it too, thought fireworks because it was so many shots, one after the other, and then a trailing 3 shots after a pause. Someone was really out to kill those boys. So sad

  3. Gang violence and community unrest are just alive and well in the community. Try the local Starbuck’s and Walgreen’s on 23rd near Jackson Street! Day and night illegal activity and Peace Officers do nothing but drive-thru the parking lot, it’s a real-live zoo. I have lived in the CD for the majority of my life, the boldness of today’s characters is disrespectful and something should be done!

    • Right? Bold open OPEN drug deals. this is my pharmacy and I have been harassed the last month or so as I go in since the drive thru was smashed in. The people who manage the property I think is called Vulcan. Call them and complain. Yesterday was pretty quiet at Walgreens then Am/PM gets sadly shot up and a person died.
      I love my neighborhood and the people that I interact with.
      I don’t like feeling scared to go out past 10pm on my own.

  4. The man that died on scene was not a drug dealer. He was just a bystander that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is best not to spread rumors as that is what leads to fake news. The man that was killed on scene had just graduated high school. I personally did not know him but it is terrible that these things happen. A young honest man lost his life and it is horrible that people straight up accuse others of being involved in a gang or being in some sort of shady business. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    • I totally agree with you. The young man that graduated high school like a son to me and sadly he got his angel wings to soon… Guns should be burned destroyed.. This world lives in sin and continues to keep sinning…. And the person who shot the kid that graduated needs hug.. Idk but I hurt everyday.

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