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Another night of gunfire at 23rd and Cherry sends at least two to hospital — UPDATE

Reports of at least two people taken to nearby hospitals with gunshot wounds followed reports of a massive bout of gunfire in the Central District Tuesday night.

The shooting scene appeared to be spread out around the gas station at 23rd and Cherry where a shooting happened Monday night that sent multiple people to the hospital and left one dead.

UPDATE 7/23/20 2:20 PM: SPD announced Thursday that a 18-year-old hit in Tuesday’s shooting has now died. The victim has not yet been publicly identified.

Witnesses reported hearing dozens of shots just before 10:45 PM involving multiple weapons. Seattle Police reported the shooting took place in the 2200 block of E Cherry and left at least one injured.

UPDATE 11:55 PM: SPD posted a brief on the shooting:

Detectives are investigating after two men were shot in the 2200 block of East Cherry Street Tuesday night. Officers were dispatched to investigate shots fired at the intersection of 22nd Avenue and East Cherry Street just around 10:45PM. As officers were arriving in the area, a man was dropped off at Sweedish Cherry Hill Hospital with a gunshot wound. A short while later a second victim arrived at Harborview Medical Center with a gunshot wound. Detectives are now working with the victims and possible witnesses to determine what led up to the shooting. If you have any information in this case please call detectives at (206)233-5000.

There were reports of at least one person dropped off at the Swedish Cherry Hill emergency room and a second person dropped off with a reported gunshot wound to the chest according to East Precinct radio updates.

Police were again collecting shell casings from the area near the AMPM store and ARCO service station and reported at least one vehicle with bullet holes and scattered shell casings. The streets were closed in the area as evidence was being collected.

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13 thoughts on “Another night of gunfire at 23rd and Cherry sends at least two to hospital — UPDATE

  1. Are these gangs? Organic violence between Proud Boys and Antifa? Random crime? As long as we’re working our way up to Murder-A-Night status, it would be great to have some sense of what’s driving all this gun violence.

      • “So it’s dumb to call this a “turf war”. What would you call it? ”

        A legal dispute between marginalized neighbors who do not have equitable access to lawyers to protect their … turf.

      • While yes, gang shootings are more common in the CD than other areas of Seattle, many of the long term CD residents that I spoke with felt that the amount of gunfire last night was extremely unusual— around 60 shots — and more than they’ve seen in one incident in the last 10 years. There have also been other gunfire incidents in the last couple weeks that have occurred while kids are playing nearby — Powell Barnett and 21st and Union. While I’m a newish resident of the CD, I do feel that the situation appears to be escalating in recent weeks (the danger level also increases as more people are outside due to summer and COVID). This is worrisome.

      • It’s NOT turf wars. That’s an extra stupid phrase for a complex problem. I know that’s what Fox and KOMO and SPD want you to say and they should be so proud of you for repeating the dumb.

      • @Holdup,waitaminute So it’s dumb to call this a “turf war”. What would you call it? And please explain the complex problem.

    • Definitely both gang related. Not something particularly unusual either for the area. Shootings in that area have probably decreased by half in the last ten years. The area between e cherry ish and e Jackson ish eternal 23 and 30ish has been contested for some time as gangs from south Seattle try to impose on the folks operating capital hill/cd

  2. and the city council wants to defund SPD 50%. Right. just what Seattle needs is less police. Don’t get me wrong, I support police reform. But do it right.

      • People keep on saying this, which is willfully misleading or comically ignorant.

        We write laws, courts administer them, and cops do the physical enforcement. This chain removes people who commit crimes from society so they can’t commit them again. So yes, cops prevent crime by being part of a chain that physically removes people from society so they can’t do it again.

        Put it another way; if this system had no effect at all, then releasing all inmates should have no effect on crimes. Does anyone believe that?

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