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In summer of cancellations, Umoja Parade will cross Central District Saturday

2020 has been a summer of cancellations. The Central District’s annual Umoja Parade can’t be stopped.

Organizers have postponed this year’s three-day Umojafest celebration but the parade and march centerpiece to the annual event will still take place starting Saturday at 1 PM at 23rd and Union:

We are proud to honor the spirit of Umoja Fest, Black Community Festival, East Madison Mardi Gras, and the current global uprising for Black lives, justice and equity.
Due to COVID19 we will not have the annual three day Umoja Fest celebration.
We will hold a Umoja Parade March & Day of Unity for Black Lives, Love, Unity, Healing & Justice on Saturday, Aug. 1st starting at 23rd & Union and going to Jimi Hendrix Park/African American Museum.
Drill & Dance Teams are encouraged to step for Black love and unity. Churches, community organizations, youth groups and businesses are invited! All African diaspora communities are invited to raise your flags in unity!


The march will travel down 23rd Ave to Jimi Hendrix Park for “powerful performances and speakers, children’s activities, and a variety of Black businesses.”

Wear a mask, be safe, and enjoy the celebration.

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10 thoughts on “In summer of cancellations, Umoja Parade will cross Central District Saturday

  1. Love this parade! Been in the CD for 20 years and it’s my favorite thing about it. As long as everyone wears masks…it’s good. Plus a bonus of all the newcomer white gentrifiers disliking the noise…lol

    • I love how we’re in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 154,000 + Americans and you make a racists comment about bothering white people. Stay classy James.

    • good grief. it’s all outdoors. Minimal risk of transmission. If the government is okay with BLM protests and CHOP, this is fine. I’m glad the organizers are going ahead with the parade.

      • Yeah, GOOD GRIEF! Don’t you know the 150,000 people in this country that have died shouldn’t have worried about following guidelines! Wow, what a pearl clutcher you are mimi.

  2. Say what you will, but having mass gatherings during a pandemic is a clear sign of entitlement and privilege. It says, “we’re more important than everybody else.”

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