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Police investigate 12th Ave stabbing — UPDATE

One person was taken into custody after a stabbing Tuesday night at a 12th Ave building near the East Precinct.

According to SPD radio updates, the reported knife assault took place at the 12th Ave Arts mixed-use building in the 1600 block of 12th Ave just after 11:15 PM and possibly involved a security guard at the building. A dark-colored SUV was reported fleeing the scene near 12th and Pine.

UPDATE 12:18 PM: SPD has provided this wild account of the attack that they say began with the woman shouting insults at the guard:

According to a witness, the suspect then got out of her vehicle while carrying a Nerf Blaster, approached the guard and asked if he was an officer. The guard was reportedly wearing a vest with the word “officer” printed on the front and back. When the victim walked away, the suspect continued shouting insults at him. During the incident, the woman returned to her vehicle, retrieved a foot-long machete and began walking toward the guard and a witness.

The guard and a witness tried to quickly enter the lobby of an apartment building in the 1600 block of 12th Avenue to get away from the suspect.

The guard attempted to pull the building’s door shut, as the suspect fought to try and pull it open. During the struggle, the suspect reportedly slashed the guard on the forearm, leaving two five-inch cuts.

The suspect then returned to her vehicle and left the scene.

The assault took place as around three dozen protesters reportedly threw garbage bags and some sort of lit object or firework over the wall surrounding the East Precinct before fleeing the area with no reported arrests.

Police were trying to determine if there was any connection between the assault and the demonstration. UPDATE: Police say “members of the protest group” tended to the guard’s injuries “before police took over, placed a tourniquet on the man and called for Seattle Fire medics.”

Minutes after the attack, officers were called to the gas station at Pike and Broadway to a report of a woman in a green SUV reportedly taking off her clothing. Police took the woman into custody without incident and had the vehicle towed after observing a large knife inside.

Seattle Fire says the victim is a male in his 50s who was transported to Harborview in stable condition.

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