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Kshama Solidarity campaign raising thousands in recall fight

The City of Seattle is covering the legal costs in Kshama Sawant’s fight against a recall campaign. The incredibly popular socialist leader’s fans — most also Seattle taxpayers — are giving to the cause, too.

“We’ve set a goal of raising $100,000 by October 31st, the end of our first full month of fundraising,” the pitch for the Kshama Solidarity fund reads:

We need to make abundantly clear to our opposition that working people won’t stand by while our movement is under threat. Defending Kshama’s city council seat is critical for continuing to build the movement to defund the Seattle Police Department by at least 50%, to win progressive funding for community programs and affordable housing, for community oversight and control of the police, and for working people to continue to have our voice in City Hall. shows more than $80,000 has already been raised.

The Sawant fundraising effort officially registered with the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission last week with an opening filing of nearly $30,000 in donations — most in amounts of around $150 or less, and most from people listing Seattle addresses.

More robust breakdowns will be available in subsequent weeks as the campaign files additional reports.

The Kshama Solidarity giving options begin at $15 — a number symbolically important to Sawant supporters in the minimum wage fight — and $27, above the threshold that allows a donation to be reported anonymously.

98% of the money donated to the Recall Sawant campaign so far has come from donations of $25 or less

The Recall Sawant group pushing for a ballot vote on removing the three-term Seattle City Councilmember from office has raised $123,000 so far, according to official filings. Those donations continue to be dominated by contributions of $25 or under meaning donor information remains anonymous.

“To be successful in the age of COVID-19, we need the financial support of thousands of small contributors just like you because sending petitions by mail will be expensive,” the pitch at reads. “We only have a limited time to gather signatures so please make a donate as soon as possible.”

Both campaigns may have a wait before any signature gathering or on the street outreach efforts begin. Sawant’s legal team has filed to appeal the decision allowing the recall campaign to go forward to the state Supreme Court.

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20 thoughts on “Kshama Solidarity campaign raising thousands in recall fight” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. “The incredibly popular Socialist leader”? How can she be described as incredibly popular when she squeaked out a win last election by about four percentage points- less than the margin of many other Seattle Council elections? She is not incredibly popular. She is just popular enough in her district to get elected, which is not the same thing. And why is she raising money when her legal fees are being covered by Seattle taxpayers?

    • She is raising money because she is probably planning on actually having to run a campaign to convince people to vote against her recall, which will require ads and signs and posters, etc, which are expensive and will not be covered by the city (I would assume)

      • Sawant’s campaigns are also good income generators for herself and her friends at Socialist Alternative.

        For instance, an inquisitive journalist might want to ask why Sawant’s husband and others at Socialist Alternative are still collecting paychecks from the Tax Amazon campaign months after it effectively ended. The deadline for for submitting signatures was early July, yet yesterday’s campaign filing shows people still collecting paychecks. For what? Are they going to keep paying themselves until they drain the balance to zero?

      • “Incredibly popular” is a perfectly accurate descriptor. How many city council members have supporters from across the country? Exactly one: Sawant. I live in North Carolina and I’ve been following Sawant and supporting her for years. For a city council member her popularity is unprecedented.

  2. For a self-proclaimed Socialist, she’s pretty damned expensive to keep around, both for Seattle taxpayers and her D3 constituents, evidently.

    You’d think someone like that would come at a steep discount, compared to the ruling class oligarchs she’s made it her life’s work to fight against. You know, the ones that shield themselves in a sphere of money, deflecting substantive litigation and recall efforts that aim to keep their powers in check.

    Actual irony.

  3. “incredibly popular” ???! is there even an ounce integrity left in the press? I would expect this form of yellow journalism nonsense from the likes of Fox, but seeing it from a liberal outpost is disheartening. If we criticize the right for their shortcomings let us at the very least set a good example.

    Or at the very least preface it by saying “OPINION PIECE”…having said that I love your site and you do a fantastic job reporting on local businesses and fauna :)


    Sawant anti-business motivations are threatening to ruin Seattle economic and once peaceful city. Sign the petition, and spread the word to everyone.
    Seattle City Council last month pledged $75,000 of OUR taxpayer money for her court fees against the recall campaign? That money could of been used for helping Small businesses, but no. Don’t let Seattle become the next Portland where businesses are closing left and right from the violence.

  5. I think by incredibly popular what you mean is incredibly high profile and polarizing.

    Her name ID is insane for a city council member and people have very strong feelings about her, in both directions.

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