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SPD breaks up protest groups, makes arrests after Capitol Hill property damage

(Image: SPD)

Multiple people were taken into custody on Capitol Hill Saturday night after police moved on a protest crowd following incidents of property damage, according to the Seattle Police report on the incidents and social media updates from live streamers and journalists at the march.

Demonstrators accompanied by a protective convoy of vehicles were first reported marching on Broadway near Harrison around 8:30 PM where SPD said a bank and a Metro bus had been vandalized with graffiti. Graffiti was also reported on Seattle Central buildings and the shuttered Ada’s Discovery Cafe, which went out of business in July when AT&T pulled the plug on the retail and coffee experiment. With police presence increasing along the march, the groups moved through the area where SPD reports officers moved in and a dispersal order was given after individuals again busted windows at the frequently targeted E Olive Way Starbucks and reportedly threw at least one firework inside.  Reports from the scene showed police using crowd control force including pepper spray during the arrests.

According to reports from the scene, the SPD dispersal order continued with police pursuing groups back to Cal Anderson where the nightly march began and where more arrests were made.

SPD says 16 were taken into custody for “property destruction, assault, failure to disperse, and rendering criminal assistance.” The King County Jail registry shows one person booked for rendering criminal assistance, one for criminal mischief, one for failure to disperse, and eight for obstruction during the overnight period. It is not clear how many if any were booked into jail for assault.

No major injuries were reported and Seattle Fire records do not show any dispatches to the area of the protest and arrests.

Saturday night’s bursts of conflict follows a relatively quiet stretch of nights for the ongoing anti-police protesting that has continued in Seattle amid wider pushes for Black Lives Matter goals. CHS reported here on the changing nature of the SPD and protester conflicts on the Hill as the ranks of demonstrators have thinned and police have taken a more forceful approach to quickly breaking down protests near the East Precinct.

There have also been increasing reports of troubles with livestreamers being targeted by police. Friday night, popular livestreamer Joey Wieser could be seen on his own feed being taken into custody by SPD after he ventured near the roll-up fence of one of the East Precinct’s vehicle and bicycle entrances. Wieser said he was immediately released but not before being detained and handcuffed.

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30 thoughts on “SPD breaks up protest groups, makes arrests after Capitol Hill property damage” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. We have a roving bands of criminals trying to destroy our neighborhood. These people are far worse than any military force or the police. They are violent and destructive. They stand for everything against racial justice and are despicable. for us residents in Capitol Hill, we want peace and racial justice. These people are exactly the opposite. Let them go to their neighborhoods and destroy them and get out of Capitol Hill.

  2. Ok, so we know the names of some of these rioters:
    Joey Wieser, rich, white Microsoft employee who doesn’t live on Capitol Hill
    Kelly Thomas Jackson, white, college aged kid from Edmonds
    Jacob Greenburg, nineteen-year-old wealthy white son of a state legislator, from Kirkland

    These are the dudes infiltrating our neighborhood every weekend, keeping us working class adults up every night with their white boy anarchist role play, lecturing us about what it means to be poor or working class. These are the dudes targeting mom and pop ramen noodle shops, a church that feeds the homeless every weekend, and a beloved neighborhood institution, the Hugo House. Of course, these rich, white dudes can go back to their rich, white neighborhoods without a thought as to who’s left to clean up their messes. They are white, male privilege personified.

    • Anyone catch the livestream where CJ Halliburton was physically threatened for filming. Yeah, antifa doesn’t mean “anti-fascist”, it means “anti-First Amendment”.

      But all the Democrat politicians this city simps for don’t believe it exists. “Just an idea” says Biden. Hmmm.

    • Ok, so what are you going to do about it? That’s right. Nothing. When the MyNorthwest comment section opens up you can all get back to your normal outlet for seething.

  3. These temper tantrums of hysterical, unhinged children is really tiresome. The people walking around “live-streaming” with PRESS written on their sweatshirts are also tiresome, and phony. I guess everyone is a citizen journalist now, how cool (not).

    The protesters/rioters seem to think they are so smart and provocative but if you listen to them screaming and arguing with the Police, anyone they consider a protagonist or each other they sound like the dumbest people in the world.

    I guess if this gets the shakedown of Jenny Durkan and the City Council for hundreds of millions of dollars each year it’s all worth it, but it’s certainly miserable for those of us who live here.

  4. What can we do? Our government seems fine with letting this go on with little to no consequences. I’m not even sure what these rioters actually want besides seeking confrontations with cops to put on Twitter and destroying businesses they take issue with.

    It’s like the movie Groundhog Day…but every day is May Day.

    • Agree Adam. We can’t go out and counter-protest because then we would be part of the problem. We have to rely on our elected officials to show some leadership and backbone. Two things our government lacks.

  5. I am also pretty freaking tired of the roving vandals, but god, the pick-a-side drumbeating and equivocating is so exhausting. A roving pack of emboldened trustafarians who smash windows and spray paint anarchy symbols on bank windows and yell at cops are worse than an out of control military force? Really? Good grief.

    It’s entirely possible to be completely dead-set against the systemic abuses of power that the SPD are perpetrating on people, and the unauthorized deployment of federal goons to intimidate people from standing up against it by the Trump administration, and the complete inaction of the mayor, and the grandstanding of our city councilwoman Kshama Sawant, and the misguided property damage that keeps happening around the hill, it’s possible to be against all of it, to be sick of all of it, in fact I’m pretty certain that’s how most residents here feel, and if you’re not sick of playing this stupid game where you use the very real experience of the people who live here to feel better about your own world views and try to get your way, I hope you peter out very soon.

    • Thank you. I made a comment above, but just want to clarify that I’m a democrat who would never in a million years vote for a Republican and I also 100% support BLM, have marched with them, and do not consider the white boy rioters to be part of the movement, but terrible people who have co-opted and taken advantage of it. I agree with everything you’ve said.

      As a resident of Capitol Hill, it just really frustrates me that my democratic officials are afraid to acknowledge the reality on the ground for fear of sounding like they are siding with the cops. to me, their failure to address the situation is almost as bad as Republican politicians refusing to address and quash violence by the fringe elements in their own party.

  6. It’s about time that Pete Holmes (City Attorney) got much tougher with these far-left criminals. At a minimum, the repeat offenders should be put on “no bail” status once arrested and charged, and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    I have the feeling that most of those arrested are quickly released and never charged. Is there any data on this?

    • more stories on this the better, seems to be the key problem – arrests but quick release. some actual justice would 1. keep violent people and people who destroy property off the streets 2. prevent the cops from imposing their own justice by arresting people who did not do anything, you could look at metrics like ‘how many people arrested vs charged.’ right now those numbers meaningless because people not being charged. and yes, as a citizen of this city I find a lack of justice in people not being charged for crimes of property and kids who hit policemen on the head with baseball bats getting out on 5k bail. Astounding, we need stronger voices from the council denouncing roving destruction.

  7. It’s good to have another viewpoint and on-the-ground reporting. The public hears a lot of unreal commentary from the old media. I’m a US citizen living in Portugal, watching my old stomping grounds with great interest

    • I’m going to have to read the whole thing, but right from the title I feel like she’s already got it wrong….. the insurrectional anarchists have never been protesting racial injustice, they’ve just been practicing insurrectional anarchy using the protests as cover…

    • I must say – after having read the article, I’m pleasantly surprised (after the headline – which doesn’t exactly reflect the content and in fact concludes “In other words, it’s not really about George Floyd or Black lives, but insurrection for insurrection’s sake.”) at how spot on it is….. Some of it was even quite surprising. Now if we could just get the rest of the country to read it and understand what exactly is happening out here…. thanks for bringing this to my attention.. I’d missed reading it when it was first published.

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