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Unlawful dumping: Police make arrests after group tosses trash over East Precinct wall

Multiple people were taken into custody late Wednesday night after a small group threw bags of trash over the concrete wall outside Capitol Hill’s East Precinct.

The King County Jail registry shows at least three people booked for charges including unlawful dumping, resisting arrest, and obstruction.

According to East Precinct radio updates and social media reports, the group was reported outside the precinct around 11:30 PM when police responded and began taking multiple people into custody.

Seattle Gay News journalist Renee Raketty reported a dozen arrested and said bags of trash could be seen stuck on the precinct fence. The trash tossing has been a frequent tactic for East Precinct demonstrators.

Wednesday’s incident followed a reported clean-up effort in Cal Anderson after a group of business and community leaders called on the city to restore regular maintenance and reopen the park.

Protests have continued in Seattle and the East Precinct but a much smaller scale than the massive Black Lives Matter demonstrations this summer. The nearly nightly efforts across Capitol Hill have taken on an anti-police and anti-large corporation focus with continuing clashes with SPD and property damage at businesses like the many area Starbucks shops.

Wednesday night prior to the crackdown outside the East Precinct, police were called to 15th Ave as the group marched through the area to a report that a man had been assaulted by the demonstration crowd. Police are investigating the matter. Seattle Fire reported the man’s injuries as minor and he was being taken to the hospital by a private vehicle.

Police reported the size of the protest group at around 15 people.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire was called to the arrest area and the East Precinct for one person being taken into custody complaining of feeling unwell and another for treatment of a possible broken nose.

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7 thoughts on “Unlawful dumping: Police make arrests after group tosses trash over East Precinct wall” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. I like how they call out that the ‘medics’ got arrested as well – surprise, declaring yourself a medic and dressing up as one doesn’t grant you immunity if you are involved in breaking laws.

  2. Can’t believe all of the this. God help us. Blacks have suffered enough. Did you hear how those hate groups attacked Girmay Zahilay. But this is Seattle and we just ain’t free yet. President Trump says I will give you a big fat kiss. Oh boy here we go.

  3. This is a relatively minor crime, but I hope the perps will be kept in jail for awhile, charged, and prosecuted. We need to send a message to the far-left criminals that we will not tolerate their property destruction and violence.

    There needs to be legal consequences for their illegal temper tantrums.

  4. The knife the cop is carrying in the photo where he is bending over the suspect is not legal.
    It is a fixed blade knife which is not suspended from the waist. ( I can see where a police officer might need to carry a pocket knife, but that is a double bladed dagger. )
    There is nothing in the law that provides the police with an exception.
    I did a quick scan of the Police Handbook, and I didn’t find anything relevant in it as well.

  5. The injury to the person assaulted was not “minor” – it destroyed his knee and he requires surgery to be able to walk again. Why does the media downplay and excuse the crap these losers have been pulling????

    • If you know more, please send along contact or more information — Here is what SFD provided when I asked about the incident: “Approx. 63-year-old male with minor injuries, advised to seek care at hospital. Patient reportedly self-transported in private vehicle.”

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