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Will there be a Hilloween in 2020?

Wear a mask

There are bigger worries in the world but CHS is here to also help give some thought to the smaller things. Neighbor Leo writes:

Hey @jseattle can we talk publicly about Halloween? I live in one of Seattle’s trick-or-treating hot spots where in normal years we get >1,000 kids at our door. This year, we are doing nothing. Lights out. No candy. Stay home. Do you have a sense for what’s happening this year?

Pre-COVID, Pike/Pine and Broadway are typically a Hilloween circus and the trick or treat hot zone stretching south from Volunteer Park, a candypalooza of unearthly delights. And most of it is community driven, organic, and fully unplanned. The effort, however, is high, with some spending hundreds on candy and putting hours and hours into costumes and displays.

The only thing CHS knows for sure is that will not be happening in 2020.

Informally through the grapevine as the crow flies and in our bones, the expectations for Hilloween 2020 — like the expectations for every day of the year since March — are for a toned down, probably a little bizarre version of the past.

In the trick or treat zone, you’ll see some of the typical yard displays but the few neighbors CHS has heard from have expressed concern about encouraging crowds anything like those the area typically sees. Parents are working out smaller, more local trick or treat routes with friends. And some are probably hard at work on a few devices like these candy chutes. So there will be treats. But this is not the year for ringing a doorbell without an invitation.

The city’s community centers are also going to be quiet on the Halloween and fall festival front. If you’re looking for a fun project, think of the kids in areas of the city farther from the city’s trick or treat hot zones.

As for the nightlife and bar zones, crowds of some sort are all but guaranteed. So far, most promotion has been extremely subdued. Vito’s on First Hill is a good example. For its 2020 Halloween party, the First Hill hangout is hosting a “costume only” version of its annual ER Costume Crawl:

With reduced in-dining capacity and no live entertainment, it would be reckless (and illegal) to host a Halloween party this year. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t host a party for your costumes. That is right – starting October 9th, Vito’s will begin accepting costumes only to populate our bar and dancefloor, fill up the lounge and maybe even a costumes-only band. You make your free-standing (or sitting) costume entry, drop it off, and we’ll stage the scariest, strangest, most surreal everything-but-the-human costume party. Our $500.00 grand prize is your reward.

But Pike/Pine can already look oddly normal on a Saturday night under current restrictions. Even with 11 PM last call, there will be costumes. Hopefully most include masks.

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  1. My son is about to turn 11 and this will be his first Halloween not trick or treating on 16th and 17th. We’re heading out to Bainbridge for socially distanced spooky forest walk on grandma’s property… It’s not quite the same as my him getting bags of candy (while I enjoy the tequila shots that Dan Savage’s husband always offers) but we’re all adapting.

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