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911 | Canterbury booze burglary bust, Central District gunfire, Seattle catalytic converter theft wave

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  • Canterbury burglary bust: A 22-year-old has been charged after police say he was caught in the act trying to burgle ten bottles of booze after allegedly breaking into 15th Ave E’s Canterbury Ale House. Prosecutors say Ocean Nemeyer has been charged with second degree burglary in the Wednesday, October 28th break-in. According to the SPD report on the incident, police were called to the 15th Ave E bar just before 5 AM to a report that a burglar could be seen on live video from the Canterbury’s security system. Police arrived to find a busted window and were waiting to enter the bar when they say Nemeyer ran from inside carrying three bags:According to court documents, the suspect was charged in Seattle with misdemeanor theft in late 2018 and also had two active warrants in King County. He has not yet entered a plea. CHS reported previously on a surge in burglaries around Capitol Hill especially involving commercial properties and businesses.
  • CD gunfire: Multiple reports of gunfire from the area near Miller Park into the Central District were made late Monday night as police found evidence of a vehicle-involved shooting along 23rd Ave. According to East Precinct radio updates, gunfire was reported by 911 callers starting around 11:15 PM. Police were able to pinpoint the shots to the area near 23rd Ave and Marion where a shell casing was found nearby. Police closed 23rd Ave between Marion and Spring for a short term while they collected evidence. They were also searching the area for at least one vehicle believed to have been involved in the shooting. There were no reported injuries.
  • I-5 shooting victim: Police say a male shooting and robbery victim arrived at Harborview late on Wednesday, October 21st but they were unable to determine exactly where the shooting had taken place. According to SPD, the victim arrived at the emergency room just before 11 PM with a gunshot wound to the chest area. “Officers/detectives arrived at HMC and were able to make contact with the victim, who was able to speak,” SPD reports. “The victim stated he was robbed (cash/wallet) and shot on I-5 and that he did not want to talk about the incident any further.”
  • Eastlake shooting: A man was shot in the thigh in a shooting in the Eastlake neighborhood early on the morning of Monday, October 26th. Police responded to the shooting on E Newton St near Minor Ave E around 8 AM:

    Upon arrival, officers located one victim with a bullet wound to his thigh, and immediately applied a tourniquet. After establishing a secure crime scene, officers located three vehicles that had sustained damage from the fired rounds, including the victim vehicle. Witnesses stated that three unidentified males had fired upon the victim as he sat in his parked vehicle, before fleeing east on E Newton St. The suspects were not located.

  • 12th Ave mental crisis: A man apparently suffering a mental crisis was taken into custody by police after blocking traffic near the East Precinct in another October 21st incident:

    On 10-21-2020 at 1312 hours, while a patrol officer was responding to an Auto Theft call, she encountered a subject blocking the roadway on 12th Av. The pedestrian standing in the middle of traffic forced cars to halt and the officer used her emergency equipment to signal the subject that he should move out of the road. The subject responded by screaming at the officer and rushing up to her patrol vehicle. The subject then began slamming items that he was holding into the officer’s patrol car. The officer reported the attack, requested more units, and drove past the subject rather than engage him in a physical fight. The officer observed the subject from a distance as he chased after her until multiple other units arrived. The violent subject also began running at arriving units, screaming “shoot me” and other numerous expletives. At one point the subject reached into his vest as if he had a gun while he continued to chase officers and scream at them to shoot him. Officers formed a contact team with several less lethal tools and moved toward the subject just as East Sergeants arrived on scene. Officers tried to negotiate with the subject for several minutes as the subject continued to scream at them. Officers used verbal interaction as a distraction as they moved closer to the subject, eventually grabbing hold of him and taking him into custody.

    Police say the King County Jail refused to book the suspect for medical reasons but did not provide further details. A similar incident in the area around the East Precinct brought a larger response the night of November 2nd in an incident caught on video as a man also reportedly suffering a mental health crisis was taken into custody by police.

  • Harassment charge: A 41-year-old man was arrested and charged with felony harassment after a couple reported the suspect had approached them from behind as they tried to cross the street near the Harvard Market QFC and threatened them with a knife. According to court documents, Peter Pentz was arrested and charged in the just before midnight October 23rd incident. Police say the suspect approached the couple holding a knife and threatened to stab the male victim, allegedly saying, “Come on punk, I’m going to stab you.” The victims got out of the area and police were called, locating Pentz inside the QFC. According to police, Pentz said he was only joking. Officers recovered a folding knife from the suspect.
  • Catalytic converter theft wave: CHS has heard from multiple readers with the same story: going out to their car and finding it mostly untouched by gutted of a key component under the hood. Police say catalytic converter thefts are spiking in Seattle and King County:

    Thefts of catalytic converters, especially from Toyota Priuses, have been reported throughout King County, with 514 thefts cases this year in Seattle alone. A catalytic converter is an emissions control device that is part of the exhaust system of most vehicles. Thieves have targeted converters because of they contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium, and are often easily accessible and lightweight. While Priuses seem to be the most targeted vehicle, authorities have received reports of thefts from numerous other makes and models of vehicles. Catalytic converters are commonly stolen in less than two minutes from parked vehicles by using either a wrench (for converters bolted on the car) or a battery-powered saw (for converters that are welded onto the vehicle). Thieves will sell the stolen converters for quick cash.

    SPD says the theft wave has also made it difficult to replace the stolen parts as dealerships struggle to keep up with demand “because of the high volume of catalytic converter theft.” To prevent thefts, police say vehicle owners should try to park their vehicle “inside a garage or a well-lit, highly visible area.”

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4 months ago

As long as that kid is poor, depressed, or addicted to drugs the city council believes what he did is legal and justified.

3 months ago
Reply to  CityOfVagrants

Amen, killing the forest to save A weed.