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More violations — but no discipline, yet — over tear gas canisters and dispersal orders in latest findings in Seattle Police ‘Demonstration Complaints’

The department’s oversight officials have determined that Seattle Police officers violated policies in a handful of complaints over incidents during the summer’s Black Lives Matter protests including SPD actions on Capitol Hill.

The latest release of findings comes as the Office of Police Accountability continues to work its way through thousands of complaints lodged over police use of force and crowd control weapons including blast balls and tear gas during the summer protests.

Not a single SPD officer has yet been disciplined for any of the OPA’s findings on the complaints from months of protests. Critics have called for an investigation of the office itself.

The latest findings upheld complaints against multiple officers and a commander including a a complaint upheld over a June 1st incident in which an officer did not show “due care” when throwing a tear gas canister near media in Cal Anderson Park.

Another finding determined a commander at 11th and Pine responded inappropriately with crowd dispersal orders that led to the use of pepper spray and blast balls after protesters were reported to have opened umbrellas in front of a line of officers.

1/15/21 2020OPA-0330 EF – officers punching during arrest 5/31/20 Not Sustained
Management Action
1/15/21 2020OPA-0332 EF – neck restraint 5/31/20 Not Sustained
Management Action
1/15/21 2020OPA-0333 EF – blast ball injury to reporter 6/1/20 Partially Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0334 EF – overly aggressive crowd dispersal tactics Multiple Partially Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0335 EF – blast ball injury to man sleeping 6/1/20 Partially Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0343 EF – pepper spray during arrest 6/5/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0344
(1 of 2)
EF – blast balls hit woman & targeted medic tent (June 7) 6/7/20 Partially Sustained
Management Action
1/15/21 2020OPA-0367 EF – officer shoved protester & other officers ignored (May 30) 5/30/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0373 EF – pepper spray & knee on neck 6/4/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0377 EF – individual targeted with 40mm projectile 6/2/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0419 EF – blast ball foot injury 5/31/20 Not Sustained
Management Action
1/15/21 2020OPA-0423 EF – protester shoved with bike 6/7/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0425 EF – blast ball foot injury & dishonest social media report 6/7/20 Not Sustained
Management Action
1/15/21 2020OPA-0427 EF – grabbing umbrella from protester & foul language 6/7/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0428 EF – protesters hit with blast balls, baton 6/6/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0429 Failure to render timely aid to protester shot by driver 6/7/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0437 Bike officer false arrest of woman for assault 5/31/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0439
(1 of 2)
EF – protester trampled, shoved, pepper sprayed 6/7/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0486 SWAT officers unprofessional 6/8/20 Partially Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0543 EF – officer rode bike into protester, pepper sprayed another 5/31/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0550 EF – blast balls & tear gas used on individual in wheelchair 6/6/20 Not Sustained
1/15/21 2020OPA-0571 Officer cut straps to arrestee’s backpack 5/31/20 Not Sustained

The AP reported a full rundown of the sustained complaints here.

The OPA’s Demonstration Complaint Dashboard with links to each case’s findings is here.


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