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Snowbruary 2021: Capitol Hill pictures and videos of snowiest day since 1969

Many on Capitol Hill made a day of frolic and adventure while others did what they could to get by — and get around — in a snow-socked city Saturday as predictions for a major winter event played out. CHS has pictures and videos — plus images and videos you shared — from the day, below.

Light snow continued Sunday morning as eyes now turn toward a watch for a change in the weather from snow to, yes, Seattle, rain.  How that transition plays out will determine a lot about the week ahead with the city’s streets and sidewalks covered with icy snow. The city’s plowing efforts — check the Storm Response Map —  have scraped most main arteries and routes clear but sidewalks left to a patchwork effort of property owners and vigorous neighbors. Many businesses are open while some activities like the weekly Sunday Capitol Hill Farmers Market have been canceled.

Seattle’s official snowfall totals from Snowbruary 2021 have marked historic highs. At around 9 inches measured at Sea-Tac, the snowfall ranks as a top-12 event and the snowiest day in Seattle since 1969. Atop Capitol Hill, things got deeper with measurements near Volunteer Park showing 12 inches of powdery snow.

CHS Weather Coverage

In Cal Anderson, things got deeper, too, with low bass and a DJ dance party of mostly masked revelers in winter gear. Meanwhile, tents and shelters set up to provide outdoor seating at Pike/Pine restaurants and bars sagged, and sometimes broke, under the burden of the heavy blanket of snow.

Across the neighborhood, people snowshoed and skied — both cross-country and downhill, snowboarded, and fat tire-biked. Many used treads left by the occasional passing vehicle to make their way easier on the snow-clogged streets and sidewalks. Metro buses littered many areas where coaches spun tires until exasperated drivers gave up and hugged the curb. Later in the day, the system had found its footing and buses were busy plying their snow routes.

Driving conditions on the Hill’s side streets will likely take a few days to clear up. Mounds of snow and ice along with big puddles are the near future for Capitol Hill pedestrians.

Emergency cold weather shelters set up in the city including a 41-person facility at Garfield Community Center were reported full Saturday night. For information about the temporary shelter, call 206-735-9461. If you need shelter, call 2-1-1 or 1-877-211-9274. Call 911 if you see somebody who appears to be in distress on the streets at any time so Seattle Fire can respond to assist.


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James T.
James T.
2 years ago

Feel it’s a little distasteful to post a picture of a houseless’s tent home with other pictures of wealthier people enjoying the snow while some have to freeze outside…

2 years ago
Reply to  James T.

The photo is illustrating the distasteful reality of people frolicking in the snow literally feet away from this tent. I am grateful to have this posted as a reminder that the snow isn’t a welcome winter wonderland for everyone in the neighborhood.