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One year: What did you see during the pandemic?

This week marks one year since the first CHS headlines about the spread of the COVID-19 virus. “Though global by definition, pandemics have local impacts,” local officials warned. “Pandemics can cause absenteeism, alter patterns of business and travel, interrupt supply chains, and affect the daily operations of your business.”

They were not kidding.

The crisis has been devastating across the country — and here in Seattle and King County. And it has been life changing well beyond your new masked fashion habits and pandemic era hairstyles.

We have survived a year. Many have not. Many have given their lives to making sure more make it. Many put themselves at incredible risk to make sure we can buy apples and bananas, enjoy a latte, or pick up dinner. Thanks for doing such a good job.

One year: ‘Inside a Covid I.C.U., Through a Nurse’s Eyes’

While our home neighborhoods around Capitol Hill and the Central District have been challenging places to live in a year of social unrest over the crucial issues of Black Lives Matter, and with questions around the homelessness crisis only becoming harder to answer, these streets, neighborhoods, and neighbors have also been at least some solace on a long and sometimes lonely trip through the pandemic filled with new and sometimes poignant scenes:

  • 14th Ave E filled with socially distanced walkers and joggers
  • Recognizing your restaurant delivery person
  • Enjoying a takeout margarita on the walk home
  • The strange cardboard consumer cycle of the pandemic as recycling bins filled with packaging from comfort food, then exercise equipment, then huge flat screen TVs, then more exercise equipment
  • Tents and gazebos sprouting in front of businesses and in front and backyards, alleys, and breezeways
  • Kids missing school because the internet is down
  • Pandemic tipping
  • Puppies everywhere
  • Dirty masks on the ground or hanging from a bush becoming the new abandoned underwear
  • Plywood murals
  • Foggy glasses
  • Socially distanced and perfectly masked marches
  • Wondering if you’ll ever ride light rail again as you walk by Capitol Hill Station
  • Neighbor giving you the extra sourdough loaf
  • Zoom calls for everything 

We are not yet at the end but we made it through a year. What did you see along the way that will help as we make it to the end?

CHS’s full COVID-19 coverage is here. Start here if you want to see it from the beginning.

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1 month ago

I saw people keep marching and fighting for what they believe in. I also saw my neighbor growing onions on his balcony.

Brit in Miller
Brit in Miller
1 month ago

Please keep the tents and patios in front of bars and restaurants. I’m not brave enough to enjoy yet but I don’t wan to miss when I finally can go out.

Colin M
Colin M
1 month ago

I hate sourdough bread and keep getting loaves of it from friends. I feel guility about throwing it away so I just end up “regifting” the bread.

1 month ago

For retailers that were open, I saw upbeat attitudes and genuine appreciation for the business. While there is anger and anxiety in the last 12 months, there has also been an underlying human kindness. I think more so because of the pandemic.

1 month ago
  • I get mistaken for someone else more often
  • Talk to pets instead of petting them
  • Ear ache diagnosed via chat, and prescription delivered in an hour for $10 (so much less thrash)
  • Familiar with the taste of denatured alcohol left over on my hands now
  • No lines at TJ’s mid-day during the week