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One-year anniversary of start of Seattle Black Lives Matter protests: Black Wall Street rally in Central District, arrests downtown, Converge Media returns to Capitol Hill

One year after the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota and the start of months of protests in the city, Seattle is taking stock of what has changed and marking the days of unrest.

CHS looked back here at the first days of Black Lives Matter protests that began in Seattle in the days after Floyd’s murder, leading to weeks of clashes on Capitol Hill between protesters and police, the abandonment of the East Precinct, and the formation of CHOP.

This week starting Memorial Day, another small but important chronicler of the Capitol Hill protests will be back in the neighborhood as Omari Salisbury and TraeAnna Holiday of Converge Media will return for a week of broadcasts from near 11th and Pine where the Seattle media service captured crucial scenes from unrest including the fateful “pink umbrella incident” still echoing through the ranks of Seattle Police leadership today.

Salisbury tells CHS the live Converge Returns to The Hill shows will focus on honoring the important efforts at change.

“It was one year ago that the Morning Update Show started broadcasting live from Capitol Hill during the Western Barricade During that time we spoke with protesters, business owners, community leaders, general public, and media,” he writes. “One Year later we return to the hill to look back at the Seattle Protests, specifically the Western Barricade to honor people and think about lessons learned. People can expect to hear from Protest Leaders, residents, business owners, politicians, members of media etc. We are also going to have public comment, just like one year ago when the general public is more than happy to join us and as well say what they have to say.”

Holiday and Salisbury in June 2020 on Capitol Hill

Guests will include a mix of reporters and photographers who were on the ground at 11th and Pine, activists and organizers who were part of the protests, and some of the characters from the scenes that formed around the weeks of demonstrations, marches, rallies, and occupation. CHS has been fortunate to be a regular guest with Converge’s Morning Update Show and will also be part of the anniversary broadcasts.

Meanwhile, protests flared again Saturday, one year after the start of demonstrator-police clashes last May. Three protesters were reported arrested as a small anti-police demonstration wound its way through downtown and near City Hall. A man was later arrested nearby with an illegal knife but it was not clear if he was part of the protests. In addition to the weapons violation, the bookings including resisting arrest and obstruction.

A larger event organized by Africatown and honoring Black Wall Street will take place Memorial Day and mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre with a rally and teach-in. The event takes place Monday starting at 1 PM at 23rd and Jackson.

Converge Media’s Morning Update Show, meanwhile, broadcasts live from Capitol Hill this week, daily at 11 AM. Tune in at

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