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Loxsmith Bagels ready to begin long-term run on Broadway with new Bagel Bodega at Nacho Borracho

(Image: Loxsmith Bagels)

If warm mornings have you getting up early, good — you’ll be first in line when Loxsmith Bagel master Matthew Segal begins his “daily” Bagel Bodega run mornings at Broadway’s Nacho Borracho.

The first Bagel Bodega weekend begins Thursday with bagel mornings at the Broadway bar through Sunday. Pre-ordering begins… now. The hope is to ramp up production to open six mornings a week at the Broadway and John nightspot.

CHS first told you about the plans for Loxsmith to begin a long-term engagement at Nacho Borracho back in February but Segal says he decided to hold off until the COVID-19 crisis subsided and things got back closer to normal.

With the extra time, Bagel Bodega’s crew are adding some new flavors.

“The concept is similar to a NY style spot where you have the food prep in front of you but my crew is Korean which got me thinking about common fermented practices of Jews and Koreans,” he writes. “My eureka moment was the first time I put Kimchi in cream cheese…incredibly delicious.”

Beyond bagels, hot sandwiches will include “a regular bacon egg and cheese” or the K-Town with a “gojugang bacon kimcheese.” The Bagel Bodega will also offer pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwiches, and a “LEO” Lox Eggs Onions variety.

“On the cold line, the usuals like the wild pacific Nova Lox, Whitefish salad, whole whitefish, Black Cod, aka “Sable”, hot smoked salmon, aka “Kippered”, Smoked Halibut, and smoked beet cured Lox, will be offered by the pound or on a bagel,” Segal says. For a bagel sandwich, you can add capers, tomato, and red onions. Schmear options are green onion, nova, and, “seasonal specials.”

With past demand outstripping Segal’s production by a mile, it will be interesting to see how opening weekend and follow-up sessions play out for the popular bagel maker. As before, you’ll want to grab caffeine somewhere else before you get in line. For Loxsmith and the Bagel Bodega, the focus is on the bagels, not coffee.

The new bagel option will also help satisfy the neighborhood demand until Rubinstein Bagels can join Capitol Hill’s boiled and baked offerings with its coming soon new place on 15th Ave E.

Loxsmith’s Bagel Bodega will begin its run at 209 Broadway E’s Nacho Borracho this week from Thursday to Sunday starting at 10 AM and likely only until supplies run out. You can learn more and pre-order at


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