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CHS Pics | Last days at Cafe Pettirosso

The end is coming too quickly. CHS stopped by Cafe Pettirosso this week as the much loved 11th Ave hangout marks its final days of business.

We were lucky enough to find a special visitor as founder Robin Wright was there to help say goodbye with current owners Miki and Yuki Sodos.

Wright founded Pettirosso in 1994. Now, 27 years and change later, the cafe will close on its “own terms” amid the business challenges of the pandemic and a planned redevelopment of the historic Baker Linen building it calls home.

There is also hope for new energy. Liz Dunn, whose Pike/Pine-based development company owns the building, says any construction is a long ways off and that her company is “actively seeking a casual cafe tenant” that will be open daytime hours to help support the building’s other tenants including retailer Retrofit Home.

For now, it’s time to join Wright and the Sodos sisters in saying goodbye to the original. Cafe Pettirosso’s last day of business at 11th and Pike is planned to be Sunday, February 6th.


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1 year ago

Liz Dunn is looking for a casual cafe open during the day time that people want to visit? Interesting! Maybe Dunn should’ve given the sisters a better deal on the rebuild and tried at all to keep the spirit of the Hill around.

Xtian Gunther
1 year ago
Reply to  LSam

Does seem odd, doesn’t it? I can only hope there’s more to the story.