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Safety, maintenance, recreation — Weigh in on pandemic-delayed Seattle Parks spending plan

(Image: Seattle Parks)

Delayed by the pandemic and the department’s shift to “critical services,” Seattle Parks is ready to move forward on planning for the next six-year cycle of spending on safety, maintenance, recreation affordability, park development, and supporting community events and programs.

The new Seattle Park District cycle will begin in 2023. It is beginning this spring with draft plans covering three main focus areas:

  1. Enhancing Access and Services (PDF)
  2. Restoring Clean, Safe & Welcoming Parks & Facilities (PDF)
  3. Investing for the Future (PDF)

Many of the initiatives that became priorities during the pandemic have grown into long term priorities under the new planning cycle including proposals to increase spending on concierges and security in parks, more money for litter and vandalism clean-up, and, yes, increased patrols for off-leash dog violators. Parks is also hoping to better address equity with the creation of a handful of new parks spaces and increased spending on mobile recreation activities that can visit different areas of the city. There would also be increased spending to improve staffing, hours, and resources at parks department-run centers like Miller Community Center.

You can find links to surveys to collect feedback on the proposals here through May 12th. The final plans are hoped to be completed by May 19th.

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