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Attention: Wedgwood II Vegetarian Thai is now Broadway Wok

Thanks to tipster Todd for the tireless tipping

Sometimes change on a street as busy as Broadway can go unnoticed. It took CHS two years to report on the changeover from pho to braised ribs and Soondubu stew at Seoul Tofu and Jjim. We won’t let the latest swap, um, stew as long.

After more than ten years serving the street, Wedgwood II Vegetarian Thai is now Broadway Wok. We haven’t yet sorted out if this restaurant is any relationship to another Broadway Wok and Grill that was active on North Broadway near what is now Carrello in the mid-2000s. We’re guessing nope.

CHS also didn’t include many details about the Wedgwood joint as it was opening in 2010 replacing the I Love Wasabi.

By the way, I Love Wasabi’s roots live on with Mai Nguyen on 12th Ave at the Migoto sushi bar.

The Thai joint’s ownership bid goodbye to Broadway last month. “After many years of serving our customers delicious vegetarian Thai food, we made the difficult decision to close this location as of May 1,” they wrote. “We would like to thank you for your patronage over the many years.”

You can still visit the original Thai of Wedgwood… in Wedgwood. If you can figure out where in Seattle that is.

Like its predecessor, CHS now introduces you to Broadway Wok with not much more information than its straightforward name to work with. Enjoy the adventure.

Broadway Wok and Grill is now open at 420 Broadway E.


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