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CHS Pics | ‘A sense of collaboration and neighborliness’ in A Collaborative Landscape art project in Cal Anderson Park

Capitol Hill artist Jesse Higman did a little repair work over the weekend.

CHS stopped through Cal Anderson Park to see Higman and community helpers pouring new works of art together as part of the artist’s A Collaborative Landscape project, an effort toward “restoring the sense of community and inclusion that has long been part of the draw of the Capitol Hill neighborhood but was lost over the last two years.”

“Because we are pouring different areas,” Higman said of the project, “There are places on the canvas where we meet and negotiate intuitively. In the give and overlap, we see how our influence interacts with what others are doing. Looking at the evolving field creates a sense of collaboration and neighborliness which goes hand-in-hand with democracy and compromise.”

Higman’s effort on Saturday and Sunday was free to the community and made possible by an Arts In Parks grant from The Office of Arts and Culture and Seattle Parks and Recreation.

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