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Peloton ‘Cafe Bike Shop’ expands on E Jefferson

After seven years as E Jefferson’s only combination cafe, bar, and bike shop, Peloton Cafe has expanded.

“I love this neighborhood,” owner Dustin Riggs tells CHS.

Riggs’s success showed him what he knew, that growth was needed, but space was limited. “The kitchen was tiny,” Riggs said, but he had a hard time imagining moving away. “We were looking for a new spot, talking to some real estate people, but we did not want to leave.”

So, they waited, and in 2021 they decided to expand. With Nate’s Wings and Waffles closing next door in August of 2020 due to the pandemic and increased costs, Peloton approached the landlord while they were showing off the space and asked to see it. They signed a lease and according to Riggs, “we just sort of threw ourselves into it and got in over our heads and forced ourselves to actually do it.”

The renovation proved to be a bigger task than expected, with five generations of flooring to remove before exposing the concrete underneath, six layers of wall between the spaces, and a host of other construction issues unique to renovating a nearly 100 year old building.

Now Peloton Cafe has expanded into a bigger space with a much larger kitchen. Their menu has expanded as well.

McKenzie Hart, Dustin’s partner, is the head chef. with experience coming from the kitchens of Matt Dillon, her style is “Northwest…and approachable.”  With their menu including several vegetarian or vegan options, they have elevated their food for many dietary needs. The menu will continue to expand as they add more employees to their growing 11 person roster, and their cocktail offerings are expanding thanks to cook and mixologist Edgar Luna.

From its late 2015 start, Peloton was busy, with many regular customers. Now, new faces from across the city are showing up and Peloton is gaining its form with the larger space. “All of our neighbors are great. People come from across town to eat our food. Sometimes it’s better to zoom out a little bit and remind myself that it’s hard everywhere right now,” Riggs said. “People are coming to eat our food. They’re still doing that.”

Now that the seating inside is greatly increased, Riggs is seeing more people coming in and working on their computers. If you still prefer to eat outside, there are cafe tables and picnic tables available for outdoor seating. And for industry folks, or those looking to eat out on Mondays, they have changed their hours to 9 AM to 9 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 2 PM on Saturday. Don’t ride a bike? They’ll serve you, too.

Whether for bike repair, good beer, or now for an expanding menu that now includes dinner, Peloton Cafe is also growing as a gathering space.

“I think [with] the dinner thing, we’re trying to get that going and just provide a place to hang out, a community space,” Riggs said.

Peloton Cafe is located at 1224 E Jefferson. Learn more at


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5 months ago

If you haven’t been by yet you really should. The food is delicious

Torani almond
Torani almond
5 months ago

A real gem in the Central District.

5 months ago

Love this place, one of my favorite lunch spots in the neighborhood. And their beer choices are always on point.

Tammy Jo
Tammy Jo
5 months ago

Fantastic food and super nice folks.