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Now open on Capitol Hill: Pinoyshki Bakery and Cafe

While Seattle laments the February closures of some Capitol Hill restaurant favorites making way for new projects in old spaces, a neighborhood food and drink space finally is full of life and delicious flavors as Pinoyshki Bakery and Cafe has settled into E Pine.

CHS reported here in January on the move and transformation of Piroshki on 3rd to join the retail and food and drink mix in the massive Pike Motorworks mixed-use development where the bakery and cafe has finally activate the E Pine side of the giant project some eight years after the building’s opening. The building is also home to the Redhook Brewlab and a collection of businesses including Taku and Salt and Straw below 260 apartment units.

For Aly Anderson, the building is her business’s new neighborhood as she introduces Capitol Hill to her “piroshkis, desserts and filipino/EU food that would take you back to the meals your Lola and Baba used to make.”

Piroshki on 3rd was born downtown in 1994. Anderson took over the 3rd Ave shop in 2016 at the age of 23. She told CHS she started baking at age 7 when she asked her older sister how to make banana bread and has been baking ever since.

Anderson brought her family heritage into the mix as she started serving Filipino cuisine every Friday. Anderson also incorporated Filipino desserts like turon, a sweet banana covered in a spring roll with melted brown sugar on top.

The fusion resulted in the Pinoyshki and its garlic beef “asado” filling, a mix of the piroshki with a Filipino cuisine. The pinoyshki gained the attention of national TV and was featured on an episode of Food Network’s “Tasty Traditions: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

The new Atelier Drome designed cafe has been open for a few weeks and Anderson hopes people will appreciate the new space as a “tranquil spot” in the middle of Pike/Pine to watch the bakers, hang out, and enjoy her creations.

Pinoyshki is now open at 715 E Pine. Learn more at


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E15 resitdent
E15 resitdent
22 days ago


21 days ago

SO excited to try this! And also grateful it’s not another fried chicken place :-)

19 days ago

It’s so good I’ve eaten there too much since it’s opened

18 days ago

I like it, but having just been in Eastern Europe, $16 pierogi … get out of here.

8 days ago

I’ve tried all of them as of yesterday. Someone needs to ban me. My pants don’t fit anymore.