Can’t relax those social restrictions yet but, exhale, Seattle — COVID-19 model says you’ve made it through this outbreak’s peak

Did you miss it? The influential analysis from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington says the state has already passed through the worst of the planet’s first COVID-19 outbreak. Monday, the institute’s model says, should … Continue reading

Once COVID-19 crisis fades, Swedish lined up for new Broadway clinic

Busy on the front line of Seattle’s battle against the coronavirus, Swedish Medical Center is also making plans that will bolster the growing presence of health services ventures in the core of  Broadway. City of Seattle construction permitting reveals the … Continue reading

Sawant loses fight but ‘Tax Amazon’ COVID-19 relief and housing proposal begins path through Seattle City Hall

With COVID-19 set to tear up the city’s budget, District 3 Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has turned again to a familiar target: Amazon and the biggest two percent of businesses. But Monday, her council counterparts opted to send … Continue reading

With cuts beginning, officials sorting out COVID-19 budget damage from Seattle City Hall to Olympia

As COVID-19 rages on both locally and nationally, one big question that looms over governments at all levels is what this means for budgets and the services they fund. With weakening revenue forecasts and increasing unexpected expenditures, Seattle and the … Continue reading

Solving the great Capitol Hill COVID-19 tofu shortage of 2020

Cracking the mystery of Capitol Hill’s great COVID-19-induced shortage of tofu was harder than you’d think, but in the end, one Vashon-based company offered a solution. For starters, asking major chain stores about their tofu distribution was fruitless. QFC, Safeway, … Continue reading

It’s not a free for all but Seattle eliminating most parking tickets during COVID-19 restrictions

On other hand, this might be only source of revenue remaining for city — jseattle (@jseattle) April 3, 2020 With life under COVID-19 restrictions already mostly a massive bummer, Seattle officials have recognized that parking tickets right now are … Continue reading

Leaders in the Capitol Hill gay community: Don’t compare COVID-19 response to the AIDS crisis

With news outlets buzzing about which celebrities have tested positive for coronavirus, rumors about testing and transmission, as well as a frightening projected death toll, it might be tempting to compare COVID-19 to the initial HIV outbreak in the 1980s, … Continue reading

18th Ave’s Tougo Coffee one of the first confirmed Capitol Hill and Central District business casualties of the COVID-19 crisis

When it comes to the life of Capitol Hill and Central District businesses, we might not know with certainty about any sad passings until the COVID-19 crisis subsides. Two neighborhood cafes are closing this week — one is clearly saying … Continue reading