CHS History | Optimism birth, Volunteer Park coyote, bad news at Harvard Exit

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:


95 Slide throwing one last party Saturday bringing decades of nightlife at Harvard and Pike to close

‘Seattle Women March Against Hate’ Saturday across Capitol Hill — UPDATE

City People’s has plan to stay in Madison Valley through 2017

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Shop local, Shop the Hill 2017

It’s the season of giving and showing love. CHS is once again teaming up with the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and the Broadway Business Improvement Area to share local gift ideas and deals from Capitol Hill area merchants at

You can let us know about your favorite shops here via Facebook and we’ll add regular updates to share through the holidays.

To learn more visit or follow Shop the Hill on Facebook, on Twitter @shopthehill and on Instagram @shopthehillSEA

If you’re looking to help spread the joy, here are 2017 donation drives, feed the hungry, and volunteer opportunities around Capitol Hill.

CHS History | Woo! Girls, Sawant pulls ahead, Prop 8 rally

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:



CHS Pics | Cal Anderson at center of Seattle anti-Trump protests

#pacifiquenorthwest — L’Oursin washes ashore at 14th and Jefferson

CHS Pics | ‘X’ marks the spot above Capitol Hill’s newest ‘luxury community,’ the Excelsior Apartments

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CHS History | Trump election protests, Comet takeover, R74 celebration

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:



Seattle responds to President-Elect Trump with rallies, protests — UPDATE: March on Capitol Hill

Election 2016 | Election Night on Capitol Hill — UPDATE: Strong showings for Jayapal, Macri, ST3… and worries about Trump

Popular: Sound Transit 3’s big win celebrated

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CHS Subscriber Drive: The blog by the numbers

  1. CHS is your Capitol Hill neighborhood news source around the clock, 7 days a week
  2. We need 2,000 subscribers to sustain our business without implementing the inconvenient, news-stifling, browser-slowing PAY WALL. This is who “we” are, by the way.
  3. As of this posting CHS is approaching 550 subscribers. Subscribe to CHS here
  4. We know 2,000 will take us months of work to get to. Our short-term goal is to get to 800 by Halloween.
  5. That’s 10 more per day for 8 days. Seems doable. When we get there, we can remove those pesky pop-ups and clutter-y subscriber promos from the site.
  6. So, for now, we need 250 more of you to say, yes, we like having high quality neighborhood news available to all.
  7. CHS has been publishing community news for more than a decade — around 125 stories or more per month.
  8. Some 5,000 to 8,000 visitors come to CHS every day — we’ve had days serving 10x that many when big news breaks.
  9. 36% of CHS’s readers return every day, 50% at least once per week.

CHS History | Value Village’s end, rogue garbage truck, Skillet born

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:



Here is why there is now a box for free socks at Broadway and Pike

After encampment backlash, mayor rolls out ‘Interim Action Plan’ on Seattle homelessness

100 dumpsters pulled off Capitol Hill’s streets and sidewalks



Capitol Hill Value Village to close after one last Halloween — UPDATE

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CHS Subscriber Update: Now is the time

CHS is starting its second week back in the daily neighborhood news business. We have had a great response to our subscriber drive and it has been exciting — and humbling — to see the support grow. We need our subscriber totals to keep climbing.


In our first week back, CHS published 32 posts, and the community added around 120 comments and more than 50 new CHS Calendar events. Some of the comments were even good ones! Yup, on CHS, you *can* read the comments. Meanwhile, people either shared, liked, or commented on a CHS article more than 20,000 times last week.

All of this toward saying, look, there are a lot of us who are already part of the site. Now, we need to help shift the way our small piece of the Seattle media business works.

To continue to serve Capitol Hill, the Central District, and our neighbors, CHS needs 2,000 subscribers. After week 1, we are at a quarter of our goal. THANKS SO MUCH for being part of the site. We love doing this work and want to continue to do so — without subscription walls and irritating logins.

We also hope to do it without a never-ending subscriber drive. Please consider subscribing today. If you are already a subscriber, tell a friend… or 2,000.

If you have questions or need more information, drop us a line anytime.

Thanks for reading CHS!