Capitol Hill Community Post | Loxsmith bringing Bagel Bodega to Nacho Borracho

From Loxsmith Bagel Co.

Hey there! It’s Loxsmith Bagels. I’m doing a pop up 1/24/21 at  Nacho Borracho called Bagel Bodega.

Lox box preorder can be picked up includes 100g sustainable Alaskan wild ocean king lox, 200g cream cheese and caper onion tomato. $30 — Venmo @loxsmithbagels, pick up day of at 209 Broadway E, 10 AM to 2 PM.

Bodega Menu
My possies’ on Broadway

Choice of challah roll or bagel

West coast 14
Avocado, cream cheese, chilli oil, pumpkin seed, tomato Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Application Opens for $2.17 Million in Direct Cash Assistance for Hospitality Workers Impacted by COVID-19

From the City of Seattle

Today, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced that $2.17 million in direct cash assistance is now available for hospitality workers who live and work in Seattle who have lost jobs or income due to COVID-19. People in need of assistance can visit this website to learn if they qualify and apply for resources. This funding is part of the Mayor and City Council’s December announcement to provide up to $5 million in new financial assistance for small businesses and hospitality industry workers impacted by the most recent COVID-19 restrictions. More than 1 million people have collected unemployment benefits in Washington state since the pandemic began. In Seattle alone, more than 600 restaurants and bars have been forced to close for good due to the pandemic.

“Across the country and Washington state, so many people have lost their jobs and had their livelihoods profoundly disrupted – more than 1 million people have collected unemployment benefits in Washington state since the pandemic began. In Seattle alone, our most loved small businesses have been forced to close their doors for good, including more than 600 restaurants and bars,” said Mayor Durkan. “These emergency grants are intended to provide a lifeline to hospitality workers most recently impacted. While these grants are a necessary aid, ultimately, Congress must finally pass a COVID-19 worker relief package that actually meets the scale of need in our communities. Every day they fail to act, more small businesses close their doors for good, and more workers lose their jobs.” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | It’s time for better, more democratic elections in Seattle

From Logan Bowers

As we’ve been gripped by national politics, we’ve seen just how important it is to elect the right leaders—and how disastrous it can be when someone unqualified holds office. Seattle isn’t immune, as any of us who watched the turmoil unfold in the city this summer. But this year, St. Louis showed us how we can make Seattle’s elections fairer, more democratic, and select better leaders. St. Louis voters overwhelmingly chose, with 68+% of the vote in favor, to change their elections to use Approval Voting. We need to follow their lead, and so we formed Seattle Approves to bring this reform to the ballot.

Approval Voting is a really simple change to our elections. Instead of being forced to pick one voter in the primary election, pick as many as you want. Each candidate you pick gets one vote. The top two still advance to the general election as they do today. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Lockdown Trivia!

From Dan Carlisle

The former Lookout, It’s Hard! Trivia has been hosting trivia on Zoom for the last 7 months. Every Tuesday at 7, we offer the same difficult trivia, the same raunchy team names, and it is free to play, though tips are accepted and split with our favorite causes.

Teams of up to 7 may compete in this weekly, moderately difficult trivia event. There are 4 rounds of 10 questions each, some of which are audio or visual rounds. Players compete for prizes such as original photographs by host Sam Smith sent via USPS and the right to choose a category for an upcoming trivia round. Disclaimer: team names and general tenor tend toward the adult.

Please send an email to to be added to our mailing list and receive one weekly reminder each Tuesday just prior to the event. Your email address will be shared with no one, and will be used for no other purpose. See you there!

Capitol Hill Community Post | Tasty ways to help Capitol Hill restaurants survive the winter

(Image: Morfire)

By a Capitol Hill neighbor

If you can afford takeout, there’s never been a better time to take a chance and try a new restaurant, try a new menu item, or introduce the family to a new cuisine.

I’ve watched how painful this year has been for everyone in food service. Although I’m not in the restaurant industry, it’s clear that many Capitol Hill restaurants are hanging on by a thread.

Since I’m fortunate enough to have an income, I can do small things to make a difference: donate, tip well, and order takeout more often than usual. As a longtime Seattle resident, I’ve tried many restaurants and items, so here’s some favorites that every Capitol Hill resident should try at least once.

Food is one of the few experiences that are easy and safe right now, and you’ll help restaurants survive the winter.

  • Morfire (1806 12th Ave): You’ve tried Morfire’s Thai hot pot. For takeout, try the fantastic “Zap noodles” , which uses spinach wheat noodles. If you eat meat, consider ordering it with pork.
  • Aviv Hummus Bar (107 15th Ave E): Hummus is in the name, so everyone’s first visit includes hummus and falafel. Aviv’s menu also has one of Seattle’s few sabich (“sah-beek”) pita wraps, though. What’s a sabich? Well, read a love letter to the sabich
  • Soju Anju (1621 12th Ave): What comes after bibimbap? How about soondubu jjigae, Korean soft tofu stew. One doesn’t need to like tofu to love soondubu. Soju Anju even provides a few side dishes (banchan) with takeout orders. Suggestion: if you like mixed seafood, order seafood soondubu. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Central Seattle Greenways letter on the East Precinct wall

From Central Seattle Greenways

Mayor Jenny Durkan, the Seattle City Council, and SDOT Director Sam Zimbabwe:

Central Seattle Greenways, a member of the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways coalition, is a grassroots volunteer group that advocates for safe, comfortable streets for people walking, rolling, and biking in central Seattle. We are frustrated, angry, and disappointed with the City’s construction of a large concrete and steel barrier around the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct building at the corner of E Pine St & 12th Ave E.

Our understanding is that City leaders felt it was necessary to install this barrier in response to threats and incidents of attempted arson at the East Precinct, following a recommendation from the Seattle Fire Department to protect the precinct building as well as neighboring wooden buildings on the same block. With no prior notice and without a proper permit, crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation installed concrete “eco-blocks” (later topped with a fence) along Pine and 12th Ave, closing the adjacent sidewalks and crosswalks and obstructing the bike lanes on Pine and 12th Ave. While SDOT could have followed the recommendations in Director’s Rule 10-2015 to provide an ADA compliant pedestrian pathway adjacent to the sidewalk closure and signage indicating the duration of the closure, no such pathway or signage has been provided. The Mayor’s Office has provided no guidance about when or under what conditions the sidewalk will be reopened, saying only that the wall will remain “until the protests end.” The wall, in an ironic (or perhaps fitting) twist, also prevents access to the “Neighbors” artwork in the East Precinct lobby, designed to represent the whirlwind of activity in a welcoming community. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | City of Seattle to Open Applications for $4 Million in Small Business Stabilization Fund Grants

From the City of Seattle
Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced that the City will now accept applications for $4 million in new Small Business Stabilization Fund grants provided by the Office of Economic Development (OED). Launching the expanded Small Business Stabilization Fund was one of Mayor Durkan’s first COVID-19 relief actions, and to date, OED has provided 469 small businesses with $10,000 grants through this fund. The Small Business Stabilization Fund application will accept applications from Monday, November 9 until Monday November 30, 2020.

“Small businesses are the backbone of Seattle – they provide people with good-paying jobs and contribute to the cultural and civic life of our City,” said Mayor Durkan. “The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn has impacted so many small businesses, and too many neighborhood favorites have had to close their doors for good. The Small Business Stabilization Fund is a critical way for the City to invest directly in small business owners during this unprecedented time. I’m deeply grateful to the team at OED who works tirelessly to get these funds out the door and into business owners’ hands. Ultimately, we need the federal government to pass another COVID-19 relief package to provide much needed assistance into our small business, workers, and cities.” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Don’t drop off on transit — Vote YES for Seattle Proposition 1 at the end of your ballot

From Nicole Grant, MLK Labor & Anna Zivarts, Disability Rights Washington

With the election just days away, it’s important that Seattleites make their voices heard on the issues that will shape our future. Although the presidential race gets most of the attention, don’t forget to fill out your ballot to the end and vote ‘YES’ on City of Seattle Proposition 1. Communities are counting on our support to renew and preserve expanded bus service and affordability programs in Seattle.

While some of us are working from home during the pandemic, transit remains a lifeline for many. Right now, one out of every three essential workers in Seattle depends on public transportation to get to work. Not everyone can afford or has the ability to drive a car. Essential workers, students, low-income people, and people with disabilities would be the most severely impacted by further cuts to Metro bus service if we fail to renew Prop. 1. By passing this measure, we will ensure bus service remains accessible, safe, and dependable for those who rely on it most. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Help guide the future of Terry Avenue

From the First Hill Improvement Association

Join the First Hill Improvement Association and your neighbors online via Zoom tonight (Tuesday, October 20th) at 6PM for the second community visioning event to share ideas and priorities for the future of our neighborhood greenway. The meeting link is:
Continue reading