Tacos Chukis joins growing family of food and drink around 23rd and Union

That guy up top? That’s Beto Salmeron. He just opened his fourth Tacos Chukis — the largest yet — in the Central District.

CHS told you all about the new 23d and Union taco joint here as it prepared to open last week. Here’s a look inside the Graham Baba-designed restaurant. Continue reading

By chef Sun Hong’s hand, By Tae handrolls coming to Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row

Chef Sun Hong at a recent pop-up at Bar Ferd’nand (Image: By Tae)

For chef Sun Hong, quality fish, seaweed, and perfectly seasoned rice are, each, a given. What matters is the tae — “the hand,” the style, the detail, and the finishing of each creation he wants to serve.

“Your hand is your signature,” Hong tells CHS. After a run of popular pop-ups around the city, Hong is brining to his By Tae handrolls to Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row. Continue reading

Bites of Bangkok, with Broadway bar connection, ‘coming soon’ to 15th Ave E

You can stop emailing CHS. Yes, we saw the sign, too. Somebody is getting ready to break the curse of the Bagel Deli. From what we know, the right people seem to be involved to get it done.

Just as CHS reported on the demise of the Mediterranean-flavored Olive Tree in the challenged 15th Ave E space formerly home to the deli, handmade signs went up announcing a new project — Bites of Bangkok, a “Thai Tapas” concept from Capitol Hill residents Jansri Parichat and Pranesh Sharma.

While the home for Bites might have faced a few struggles with its previous two tenants, what we know about the new restaurant might just set it up to rise above the off-the-street location on 15th Ave E. Sharma has been the highly respected bar manager that has helped Broadway’s Jai Thai punch above its weight class with a stronger than expected cocktail and comedy game. While he will be moving on from his Broadway post, hopefully Sharma gets to bring some spiked Thai ice tea and lychee martinis with him. Continue reading

Captain of Capitol Hill rum bar set to commandeer Seattle ‘paddle club’ favorite Agua Verde

(Image: Agua Verde)

As the October Portage Bay kayak season stretches out with a sunnier than ever conclusion, a Capitol Hill restaurateur who brought the rum-y tropics to lower Pike/Pine is making plans for an investment in a longtime vacation-like Seattle food and drink favorite that calls the bay’s shore its home.

Travis Rosenthal who created Pike’s date-night classic Tango and neighboring rum bar Rumba is set to acquire Agua Verde, the “paddle club” Mexican restaurant just across Portage Bay from the backside of Capitol Hill. Continue reading

CHS Pics | A Capitol Hill neon typo

Nothing drives the self-appointed copy editors of Capitol Hill more batty than the “Capital Hill” typo. Depending on your personality type, you’ll either want to make sure your pedantic friends never see this new neighborhood beer sign — or that they see it right away. We’re not giving away the location to protect the innocent and guilty, alike. Clues only in the comments, please.

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Cheer up: Depressed Cake Shop returns to Capitol Hill

This weekend’s forecast calls for sunny skies but the frosting will be grey as the Depressed Cake Shop returns to Capitol Hill for the sixth year of the pop-up baked goods event created to encourage conversation about mental-health issues and to raise funds for NAMI Seattle:

Depressed Cake Shop

The local effort from the National Alliance on Mental Illness is a one-day, three-hour bake sale with somberly colored cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and treats donated by local bakers. “While they look sad on the outside, all the baked goods are colored on the inside to symbolize hope,” organizers say. They also encourage you to stop by early — the treats sell out every year.

Tacos Chukis ready to go big in Central District at 23rd and Union

Broadway-born Tacos Chukis has a new headquarters but the neighbors around 23rd and Union are probably more interested in the grilled pineapple and adobada.

The latest expansion of the small Seattle chain including its new central kitchen is set to open Saturday in the Central District.

“This will be our central base and supply our other restaurants,” owner Beto Salmeron tells CHS about the biggest Tacos Chukis yet. Continue reading

Carmelo’s Tacos a silver lining of taco goodness inside Capitol Hill’s Hillcrest Market

Carmelo Gaspar is at the center of things on Summit Ave E

Tucked inside the Hillcrest Market is Capitol Hill’s newest culinary delight from south of the border. Serving up fresh salsas, homemade tortillas, tender meat, and succulent cactus leaves, Carmelo’s is bringing the flavors of Mexico City to Seattle, one taco at a time.

This family owned and operated business is staffed by four employees, including the owner Carmelo Gaspar, who was slicing asada when CHS went for a visit. Carmelo’s manager Miguel Cruz says they worked close by and knew the owner of the store. “We saw the teriyaki guy was out, so we started talking to the owner and we got an opportunity to start,” he said. Continue reading

Sustainability by the glass as Footprint Wine Tap opens on E Madison

Footprint Wine Tap — “Seattle’s first sustainable keg wine on tap bar” — is now open on Capitol Hill.

CHS first introduced you earlier this year to Seattle wine expert Kenneth Dillon and his plan to overhaul a shuttered E Madison beer tap concept into a new experiment in wine enjoyment and retail.

The sustainability-focused Footprint has set out to feature a wide selection of sustainably sourced, organic, or biodynamic wines from mostly local wineries with pours from kegs available on tap to cut down on waste and, some say, provide a better product. Continue reading

The curse of the Bagel Deli

While we’re talking about a restaurant opportunity up for grabs on the quiet side of Capitol Hill along 19th Ave E, let us mark the passing of another neighborhood food and drink venture outside the Pike/Pine and Broadway hot zones.

Its death might also have the markings of the latest “cursed” restaurant space on Capitol Hill.

A few weeks back, the dreaded brown paper went up in the windows of 15th Ave E’s Olive Tree. The Mediterranean sit-down debuted in early 2017 as an offshoot of the Kent original. The first Olive Tree continues to thrive. But the Capitol Hill expansion is gone. Ownership has not returned our calls and messages about the closure. Continue reading