Perfect Copy and Print cleans up old Lather Daddy space for new home after move from Broadway

(Image: Perfect Copy and Print)

Legendarily named Lather Daddy is long gone, Phoenix Comics is happily expanded on Broadway, and longtime neighborhood service provider Perfect Copy and Print has found a new infrastructure-laden home on 12th Ave. Everybody loves a happy ending.

The copy shop is now open in the former laundromat space after a few months-long hunt for a new Capitol Hill home. After nearly 30 years of business on Capitol Hill, owner Asif Alvi was facing yet another move after holding out for years as Broadway was torn up for streetcar, light rail, and development projects. His concerns about finding another space in the neighborhood with the infrastructure required for multiple large copiers and printers were met with opportunity in the former Lather Daddy space. Turns out that washers and dryers also needed a system with plenty of juice. Continue reading

Capitol Hill’s Gaffney House lined up for new life with overhaul as child care center — UPDATE

A Capitol Hill assisted living facility’s next life will be as a 8,400-square-foot, three-story day care.

Gaffney House, the longtime assisted living facility for residents living with dementia in a 1906-built mansion at 17th and Madison, is being lined up by the company behind E Olive Way’s International Montessori Academy to become a “child care center”  with a day care and “early learning center,” according to preliminary permit work with the city.

The E Olive Way academy’s owner Yimin Chen has not responded to CHS’s questions about the project. The Gaffney House property was listed for sale for $3.6 million in mid 2018. The price dropped to $2.75 million at some point and the property is currently listed as “pending.” Chen is listed as the property owner in planning documents. Continue reading

D3 candidates to square off on police accountability

Last week, how the candidates for District 3’s seat on the Seattle City Council look at policing and accountability was put on stage in front of the police officer union. One candidate participated and said he wanted to “stabilize” the city’s police force and address concerns of reduced ranks and sinking morale. The other boycotted the event, saying she would stand with activists in the fight for accountability.

This week, in a forum hosted by a wide array of Seattle community organizations including Seattle’s Vietnamese Community Leadership Institute, El Centro de la Raza, and the GSBA, both Egan Orion and Kshama Sawant are expected to attend and have their say on legislating policing in the city in a Wednesday night forum: Continue reading

With craft old fashioneds, fancy fritters, and holes of the highest standard, Half and Half Doughnut Co. now open on Capitol Hill

(Image: Half and Half Doughnut Co.)

Here is the bad news. You live in a neighborhood where a craft old-fashioned doughnut costs $2.75. The good news? It might be the best old fashioned you’ve ever had.

Also, you should eat fewer doughnuts anyhow.

Half and Half Doughnut Co. — from the man who helped grow Top Pot from Summit Ave to the largest scale doughnut operation in the city — is now open on E Pike with a case full of filled old-fashioneds, fritters, and a craft take on the overlooked but now risen to new heights doughnut holes — here called bomba or bombs.

After a quiet weekend start, expect a busy Tuesday morning in the new shop. Continue reading

Capitol Hill shop suffers $51K jewelry heist

Security image provided by Fresh Tangerine

Capitol Hill retailer and designer Fresh Tangerine suffered a devastating hit to the young business after an early morning burglary last week that emptied the E Pine store of thousands of dollars — and months of work — in handmade jewelry.

“We lost 2,085 pieces of inventory which is a retail value of $51,887 along with a couple of other of jewelry items from our cash drawer,” owner Kim Kogane said of the Thursday, October 10th, 5 AM break-in. “It took us a couple of months to create that much inventory and plus all of the labor from Operations to Quality Control everything, package it, and transport it to the store. It is a devastating loss for the business especially as we move into our busiest time of year.” Continue reading

Beyond Sawant vs. Orion, plenty more big decisions on the November ballot: County Council, affirmative action, Tim Frickin’ Eyman’s car tab B.S.

Gossett, Zahilay, Referendum 88, Eyman

While the District 3 Seattle City Council race has been dominating the Internet around here, there are other important decisions to be made on November’s ballot. These include a potentially big upset in a County Council race, and a pair of statewide initiatives which would have far ranging consequences, arguably of more lasting impact than anything else on the ballot.

State voter pamphlets have already been delivered. Local pamphlets are due to be mailed October 15 and ballots on October 16. Election Day is November 5, ballots must be postmarked or placed in a drop box by then. Online voter registration is available until Oct. 28. In person registration is available up to and including Election Day, Nov. 5 at the county Elections Annex.

King County Council District 2: The County Council race pits a pair of Franklin High School graduates, from classes a couple decades apart, against each other. In the three-candidate August primary, political newcomer Girmay Zahilay received 56% of the vote to Incumbent Larry Gossett’s 37%. If those primary numbers hold for the November election, it would represent a generation change in county leadership. Continue reading

43rd District Democrats make move to Capitol Hill

Fresh off making “history” with the group’s endorsement choice in the Seattle District 3 race for City Council, the 43rd District Democrats are bringing their monthly meetings to Capitol Hill:

We’re MOVING! Our next general meeting will be on Tuesday, October 15 at 7pm at Seattle Central College.

Enter through the main doors of the college, go to the left, and we’re just down the hall — room BE 1110.

Be sure to RSVP going on our facebook event page!

In recent years, the influential political group has gathered in the University District for its meetings and endorsement sessions. Tuesday’s meeting will include two new resolutions — one a “Rent Control Resolution” and another “End Sex Work Arrests Resolution.”

The group meets every third Tuesday.

The 43rd was also busy in the neighborhood over the weekend canvassing for D3 Socialist Alternative incumbent Kshama Sawant in her race against challenger Egan Orion.

It’s not every election year you’ll find the Democratic-focused group working to get out the vote for someone outside the party.

In September, the 43rd voted to endorse Sawant, the first ever endorsement of a non-Democrat by the 43rd District group.

Ballots are slated to be mailed out Wednesday for the November 5th General Election. Thursday, the drop boxes open. You can find all of CHS’s Election 2019 coverage here.


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Pikes/Pines | The five creepiest crawlies you’ve never heard of that live with you on Capitol Hill

From: The Habitats Humans Provide: Factors affecting the diversity and composition of arthropods in houses

Have you ever been home alone, watching Stranger Things or listening to My Favorite Murder, and started jumping at the sudden hum of the refrigerator, brandishing your ice-cream spoon down the dark hallway to the bathroom? I have good news for you. We are never, ever alone in our homes. We all have other creatures living in our homes, no matter how scrubbed, swept, and sterilized our apartments and houses on the Hill may appear.

From the time that people began living inside dwellings, we’ve had other creatures alongside us. Some are imperceptible, bacteria, viruses, archaea, and fungi. Others, like insects and arachnids, are decidedly more noticeable. In 2016, a press worthy study by North Carolina State University researchers was published, reporting findings from an exhaustive, purportedly first-ever survey of the arthropods (invertebrates of the phylum that includes spiders, insects, and crustaceans) in our homes. Of the 50 houses the authors surveyed in the Raleigh, North Carolina, 100% had arthropods living in them. In fact, they had far more than anyone guessed, and they collected over 10,000 individual specimens representing nearly 600 species of arthropods, with homes hosting an average of 93 species, from 62 families.

Though I doubt this revelation eases your movie induced paranoia, below are five common house guests that you may or may not have even heard of, but may have been living inches from all your life.

Psocoptera (Image: Wikipedia)

1) Booklice (Order Psocoptera) — Unlike their blood sucking cousins, booklice like to chew rather than suck. Mostly they like to munch on fungus, food bits, and other detritus but they will also happily chew on the glue of our book bindings and wall paper and can in some instances infest food. Seeing a few of these opaque flattened creatures is nothing to be alarmed about, but if you happen to collect old books in damp places, be mindful.  People often confuse book lice with bed bug nymphs or termites which are far more alarming.  Continue reading