Bus Stop | The 43

CHS Bus Stop - The 43

King County Metro Route 43 delivers riders back and forth between downtown Seattle and the University of Washington via Capitol Hill. Which means it’s an awesome window to the city’s humanity. You can also use it to tour both Pine and Pike. You’ll find students cramming among the short(er)-distance commuters and apparently homeless guys just enjoying the ride. The trip from downtown to UW can take anywhere from a half hour to the occasional hour-long disaster that makes you wonder if you got on the wrong bus. Here we find the 43 headed northbound — eventually — at E John and 15th Ave E.

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Bus Stop | The 10

CHS Bus Stop - Bus 10 - E Pine St and Belmont Ave - Westbound

The hardworking Route 10 might be the most Capitol Hill of all King County routes. Running every 10 minutes during peak hours, the trolley bus line connects the east to the central to the west and through to downtown while passing by both Volunteer and Cal Anderson Park. With the days of its muddled dual identity behind it, the 10 still trundles riders from the 15th Ave E village, the Pike/Pine core and Broadway back and forth across the Hill. There are routes that may cover more ground but none that covers more of the heart of Capitol Hill.

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Bus Stop | The 2

CHS Bus Stop - East Union St and Broadway - Westbound - Bus #2

King County Metro Route 2 is a peculiar, twisting beast connecting Queen Anne with, of all places, Madrona. It passes through an edge of Capitol Hill here on E Union at Broadway as the route makes its way downtown before climbing past the Seattle Center and toward Queen Anne.

By the way, the County Council will be listening to public comment on proposed Metro fare changes. CHS wrote about the plan to save local service despite Olympia’s gridlock here.

The Metropolitan King County Council will take public testimony on legislation that would increase transit rider fares as part of an overall package to maintain Metro Transit Service levels.

Tuesday, February 18
1:30 p.m.
County Council Chambers
King County Courthouse, 10th floor

The meeting will be carried LIVE on King County TV, seen on Comcast and Wave Cable Channel 22.