CHS Community Post | How can I get back my stolen bike? Kind advice, please.

20141031_081216Some miserable low down thief cut the cable lock and stole my bike in front of Chase bank on Broadway between Union and Pike, Saturday afternoon (yesterday) in broad daylight, with pedestrians everywhere. Clearly this is what they do for a living. It’s a bright orange Scott SUB, hybrid bike. I am going to file a police report, and I will check to see if my homeowner’s insurance will cover it. I called 20/20 Cycles and Play It Again Sports to alert them in case someone comes in to sell it. I registered its theft on I checked Craigslist and Ebay, and set up alerts on those sites for Scott bikes.

I would appreciate kind advice on any other steps I can reasonably take to get my bike back. I commute daily by bicycle, and while a friend has loaned me her bike for the time being, I need to get my bike back or replace it before long. I will get a stronger lock next time, for sure. Is it worthwhile to go to local pawn shops to check? Where else do stolen bikes go when a professional thief steals them?

Thank you for any help.