CHS Capitol Hill Neighborhood Map

The Fancy Pants: Classically defined by fancy dwellings, fancy drinks, and fancy neighbors.

Miller Park: Isn’t that where that movie Singles took place?

Pike/Pine Corridor: Gathering place for hipsters, gays, and condos.

I-5 Shores: Don’t you love to wake up to the sound of the ocean in the morning? (Oh, that’s I-5?)

An Historic District: The only officially historic zone on the Hill and one curiously neglected by the original Fancy Pants boundaries.

Broadway/Little Hill: Characterized by mix of Broadway urbanity, small houses, small apartments, and small views.

Institution Belt: Where the regular mix of Capitol Hill residential and commercial buildings is complemented by institutions like Group Health, SCCC, and Teletubby Hill.

Northern Fringes: Physically part of the Hill, but rarely visited or heard from. Kind of like Alaska.

Planning the new Broadway post office

Taco Bell, the old QFC and Twice Sold Books aren’t the only thing being torn down on Broadway — you also are getting a new post office. The USPS is starting the public process to discuss the project and get input from citizens later this month. Bring your postal concerns to the Community Meeting Room of the Capitol Hill Library at 6pm, May 14. Or you can mail them to some guy in Texas.

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No, really, what do you grow in your Capitol Hill garden?

When we saw this post — What do you grow in your garden? — over on Seattle Metblogs we got all excited because we thought it would be about what things grow best in the great Pacific Northwest.
Beer Garden
Instead, it was about this funny picture of beer bottles which is a very nice picture indeed.

No bother. We’ll re-excite ourselves by asking here — what DO you grow in your Capitol Hill garden?

Us? We’re planning on the regulars. We have room for one artichoke plant, one rhubarb plant, and a few zucchini– though we haven’t planted yet :-o — and no tomatoes because we were too lame to get things going in April. Maybe add a Northern California sensimilla patch. Just kidding mom. We’ve also had good luck with chives, crappy little strawberries and the mint seems to be off to a good start. Our sad little fig tree, however, wishes it lived in California.

To see what you’ve waited too long to plant, check out this handy seed calendar.

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