Capitol Hill Community Post | It’s time for better, more democratic elections in Seattle

From Logan Bowers

As we’ve been gripped by national politics, we’ve seen just how important it is to elect the right leaders—and how disastrous it can be when someone unqualified holds office. Seattle isn’t immune, as any of us who watched the turmoil unfold in the city this summer. But this year, St. Louis showed us how we can make Seattle’s elections fairer, more democratic, and select better leaders. St. Louis voters overwhelmingly chose, with 68+% of the vote in favor, to change their elections to use Approval Voting. We need to follow their lead, and so we formed Seattle Approves to bring this reform to the ballot.

Approval Voting is a really simple change to our elections. Instead of being forced to pick one voter in the primary election, pick as many as you want. Each candidate you pick gets one vote. The top two still advance to the general election as they do today. Continue reading