Capitol Hill Community Post | NW Film Forum – Nocturnal Emissions: The People Under the Stairs

Thu Mar 21: 7.30pm
Wes Craven, US, 1991, 1h 42m

One of director Wes Craven’s most unusual and subversively funny films delivers the thrills and gore one comes to expect from the director of A Nightmare on Elm Street, while also offering a scathing satire of conservatism, gentrification, inequality, and unchecked greed – in other words, a film possibly even more relevant today than when it was released in 1991. When 13-year-old Poindexter “Fool” Williams (Brandon Adams) and a criminal-minded neighbor (Ving Rhames) break into the sprawling suburban mansion of a pair of heartless slumlords (Twin Peaks stars Wendy Robie and Everett McGill serving up wonderfully over-the-top performances), they uncover a labyrinth of twisted, terrifying secrets – including a basement filled with cannibalistic children!

Our Mistress of the Macabre Isabella Price will kick the screening off with a frightful and stimulating live performance, and we’ll help you experience the delicious taste of human flesh with free gummy body part candy!

Capitol Hill Community Post | Northwest Film Forum and Three Dollar Bill Cinema present Queer Fan Nights!

To-the-Limit-1_webQUEER FAN NIGHTS!

Three Dollar Bill Cinema and Northwest Film Forum have teamed up for a Pride month series that will make you cheer with delight! It’s an eclectic mix of fan favorites, hosted by avid queer fans ready to share (and defend) their picks.

Kick off each night at 7:00 with a pre-show happy hour in the Film Forum lobby!

June 16th
Anna Nicole Smith: TO THE LIMIT
(Raymond Martino, U.S., 1995, 93 min)
Hosted by John Criscitello, artist and recent alumnus of the Film Forum holiday party’s exclusive Santa Claus program

Deadly ninjas, hot Vegas nights, CIA skullduggery, a coveted CD-ROM, and superstars Anna Nicole Smith and Joey Travolta fuse into a white-hot action spectacular that will take your senses TO THE LIMIT! Anna Nicole Smith’s first starring film role after being named Playboy’s Playmate of the Year!

June 23
(Douglas Sirk, U.S., 1959, 125 min)
Hosted by The Lady B, performer/activist

Soap opera-esque in the absolute best sense, Douglas Sirk’s Imitation of Life is one of the great melodramas of the ‘50s, steeped in the race and class politics of the era. The film follows two mother-daughter relationships as they develop over several years.

June 30
Eurovision: Iconic Song Performances
Hosted by Richard & Kevin, Three Dollar Bill Cinema members

Eurovision is the longest-running annual song competition in television history and one of TV’s most-watched non-sports programs. The glitzy stage design, pop-anthemic performances, flamboyant costuming and dancing are delightful, breathtakingly saccharine expressions of supranational exuberance.Imitation-of-Life-2_web06-30_Eurovision-1_web