Stylists cut back, take over at E Pike’s Emerson Salon

_DSC0730Emerson Salon is changing ownership and downsizing come September. The salon located on E Pike just off Broadway will switch to self-employed stylists working in a common space under the Emerson banner.

“I want people to understand that we are a lot of individuals that are trying to work together for a common goal where we are all successful,” D’Arcy Harrison, one of the new owners, tells CHS.

Harrison and Lancer Forney are both stylists at Emerson Salon and are taking over ownership on the new lease. Emerson was founded by neighborhood entrepreneur and investor Alex Garcia. Garcia has seen his local investments dwindle with the Emerson changes and 2013’s closure of The Social on E Olive Way.

Harrison and Forney say they have been small business owners in the past and are determined to get it right this time. Both have participated in business training programs through the south Seattle non-profit Washington CASH.

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CHS Pics | Hopscotch CD II: No record but lots of fun

(Image: Jackson Commons)

An attempt at a world record hopscotch jump fell short in 2014 but still drew a crowd. View the video, below (Image: Jackson Commons)

A 2.9-mile course hopscotch connected the Central District again Saturday in the return of  community event to “spread fun” through the neighborhood. The second annual Hopscotch CD welcomed the neighborhood to walk or hop along the path from Jackson & 28th to Union & 23rd.

Along the route, numerous businesses and community organizations set up stands and gave out free treats to the hopscotchers. There were also lemonade stands, art shows, and book sales along the way. The end of the route at 23rd and Union awarded jumpers with food stalls, a pet adoption bus, and a beer garden with local bands playing into the evening. If the kids were not tired of jumping by the end, a bouncy house was there to finish them off.

Organizers haven’t said for sure but sounded enthusiastic about the event returning for a third edition in 2015. With this year’s world record attempt falling a little short, there’s added incentive to jump in again next year.

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Fifth annual Linda’s Fest ready to rock the patio — and the construction pit

IMG_234610543656_724644084238704_3622052533988432165_nAs summer draws to a close, Linda’s Tavern is ready to bring Capitol Hill’s festival season to a close with its fifth annual free mini music bash, Linda’s Fest. This will be the last year Linda’s infamous back patio will not have a seven-story apartment building looming above.

“It’s not the first time that Capitol Hill has changed,” says Jonah Bergman who plans the annual event, “Even if there’s a construction pit next to it, it is still a great place to hang out.”

On Saturday the 23rd from 5 to 10 PM the bands Tacocat, Chastity Belt, the Young Evils, Kithkin, and Thunder Pussy will take the patio stage for the free show.

“It’s cool to have musicians of that caliber on a stage,” says Bergman, “that we put together for one day in a back parking lot.”

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Forget Metro cutbacks, Seattle now has a Weed Bus that lets you smoke weed. On the bus. — UPDATE: Olympia says nope

photo (1)The Weed Bus Club, a party bus turned stoner’s paradise, has been out and about in Seattle this summer. Perhaps you smelled the bus when it stopped by Capitol Hill Block Party.

William Prigmore’s club provides what he says is a safe space for people to tour Seattle — while smoking weed.

“You can hop on the Weed Bus by yourself,” says Prigmore, “a lot of different people are always on the bus. I think that’s why people like it a lot, it’s not like you have to rent a party bus out.”

UPDATE 8/22/14: That didn’t last long. The day after we told you about Weed Bus, state regulators have snuffed the idea:

Citing multiple state laws and a concern for public safety, the commission stated that charter and excursion vehicles, drivers, and passengers are considered to be in view of the general public, therefore, the consumption or use of marijuana products on board a charter or excursion vehicle is prohibited.

We’ve posted the full announcement, below.

There are two buses in the club that eventually will have set routes between legal marijuana retail stores and tourist sites such as Pike Place Market and Alki Beach in West Seattle, Prigmore says. He plans for people to hop on at different stops and ride for as long as they like. Continue reading

Lake Chad Cafe ready to prosper at 17th and Jackson

Africa’s Lake Chad feeds 30 million in the four countries it borders. Felix Ngoussou, owner of the Lake Chad Café on Jackson and 17th, hopes to feed his neighbors, too.

As the lake shrinks due to climate change. Ngoussou said he also wants to remind Seattle of the social implications environmental change can cause. He also wants his new cafe to play a connective role in the Jackson-area community.

“My coffee shop has another objective,” Ngoussou said, “I want to open a community place where all these small businesses around can come and meet… Now everyone is coming here.”

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Pill Hill loses a drugstore as E Madison Rite Aid shutters

The Rite Aid on Madison in First Hill has closed after the chain drugstore’s management chose to not renew its E Madison lease, a company representative tells CHS.

The Rite Aid rep said the location in the midst of First Hill’s myriad medical facilities was underperforming and has moved all of its pharmacy prescriptions to the 201 Broadway E location. All the pharmacy clients were informed prior to the transfer, the company said.

The rep said Rite Aid employees from the First Hill branch have also been given positions at neighboring stores.

“It wasn’t reaching our expectations and goals,” the Rite Aid representative said. “We thought it would be best to consolidate to the other store.”

The closure won’t exactly leave local customers without options. There are two Bartell’s within blocks of the shuttered Madison at Summit location.

Capitol Hill food+drink | Inès Pâtisserie: pastries you can sink your teeth into, no baguettes

(Images: Rayna Stackhouse for CHS)

(Images: Rayna Stackhouse for CHS)

The French pastry shop Ines Patisserie opened on Friday at its new location where Madison meets 11th. We gave it each and every one of its proper French doohickeys in the headline.

Owner Nohra Belaid and her staff will be having an “understated soft opening for the month of August,” then will kick things into full gear once fall begins.

Belaid sold her old location on Madison and 29th earlier this year and took three months to set up the new home on the western, currently sun-drenched side of the new Viva building.

The new shop is “more modern, cleaner, in terms of aesthetics, and a little feminine,” says Belaid. The interior is all white with pops of color from the pastries on display and candy in delicate glass jars.

Belaid wants to build a community where people come to treat themselves to a coffee and a pastry while interacting with one another. Warning laptop jockeys: The shop has only three power outlets and Belaid says this is by design. A majority of the time on Friday morning, Belaid was in front of the counter sitting down with customers she knows and meeting new ones. Continue reading

Urban Animal growing into new space to serve Capitol Hill’s dogs, cats and pals

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.28.24 AMUrban Animal veterinary care clinic is moving closer to the heart of the neighborhood it has been serving for two yearswith a move to The Lyric building on 10th and Thomas in this fall

Dr. Cherri Trusheim said she wanted to keep her clinic’s well earned client base by staying in the Broadway neighborhood.

“We are expanding now,” says veterinary assistant Ross Tindale, “business has been steadily increasing on a month to month basis, this summer has been pretty crazy so far.” Continue reading

Stuff the Bus to help new Westside Baby/St. Joseph’s Baby Corner team help families

(Image: WestSide Baby)

(Image: WestSide Baby)

St. Joseph’s Baby Corner on 18th near Cherry and WestSide Baby merged into one organization in an effort to help Seattle families make ends meet. Sunday, there’s an opportunity to help the new team.

“We have kept the heart of serving local children in need and are excited to bring our expertise and watch it blossom and thrive in Capitol Hill,” WestSide Baby executive director Nancy Woodland said. “We actually modeled ourselves after St. Joseph’s Baby Corner and are excited to come in and increase services.”

The two organizations collect second hand items for babies and children that providers such as social workers or other agencies distribute to families in need.
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Aprie hunts trends to keep fashion selling on Broadway

aprie__DSC0252aprie__DSC0227Rayna Stackhouse contributed this report as part of the UW News Lab. She is joining CHS as our summer intern. Welcome Rayna!

Las Vegas’s hustle and heat happen to be the setting for the largest global fashion exchange called MAGIC. One weekend in August brings together more than 50,000 buyers, sellers, and designers, with $200 million worth of orders each day.

Among these buyers are Lizette Gutierre-Parker and Katrina Baker who work for the fashion boutique Aprie, on Broadway at Thomas.

Both agree that these buying trips are their favorite weekends on the job. But sometimes, things don’t always go smoothly.

“We do have very similar taste, we know what will sell here and we have a good grasp on our customers,” says Baker, “but we have been compared to an old married couple because I will like something she doesn’t… We have to stop and think, can we sell this?” Continue reading