Capitol Hill Community Post | Seattle 911 Alerting Subscription Service launched

Capitol Hill resident and WSU MBA student Tee Earls has launched a public version of his MBA thesis. Seattle residents can now “subscribe” to 911 calls for fire and medical responses for Seattle addresses. The service is free for up to 10 alerts per month and a premium subscription is available for unlimited alerts and additional features. Details are available at

Users can choose one or more specific Seattle addresses and the radius around each address they want to monitor. When a 911 call is dispatched for Fire or Medics within the distance chosen, the user is sent an email or text message according to their preferences. A typical subscriber might monitor her own home, a child’s school, and an elderly parent’s home address.

News junkies can also choose to be alerted of certain 911 call types, anywhere in the Seattle city limits. For example, a user might subscribe to get a text alert if there is a 911 dispatch for a building fire or a multiple shooting incident.

Background Information

Tee Earls is the co-founder of Seattle-based King Friday LLC, a technology consulting company for nonprofits and small businesses. He is an MBA candidate graduating from Washington State University in December 2017 and his thesis was a business plan commercializing 911 call data in the form of an alerting system for consumers. The Seattle market represents the first public launch of this system. Prior to starting King Friday LLC, Mr. Earls spent nearly 13 years at Microsoft in various roles, as well as a number of years at a large technology consulting company. His professional overview is available through LinkedIn at

This service is not affiliated with or endorsed by the City of Seattle or the fire department. The system uses city-provided public data feeds as its source for call data.

CHS Community Post | Capitol Hill Cooperative Preschool Enters its 62nd Year

CHCPWith all the recent news about “universal preschool” and the fall ballot resolution on whether to offer this to all Seattle children, Capitol Hill Cooperative Preschool is proudly entering its 62nd year offering high-quality and low-cost preschool to area children.

Universal Preschool is a hot topic in the city and the nation – and Seattle is at the forefront of the initiative. In June 2014, the City Council unanimously approved a resolution sending the Seattle Preschool Program to the November 2014 ballot. The evidence is overwhelming that children who attend a high-quality preschool have higher high-school and college graduation rates, and are overall better prepared to learn and thrive.

Capitol Hill Co-op still has a few slots available for Fall classes across all four student levels – ranging from the Tots class for children at least 1 year old by August 31, up to the Fours class for children at least 4 years old by August 31. Classes meet 2, 3 or 4 times a week based on the particular class and tuition assistance may be available for eligible families. (See specific class schedules here)

The Capitol Hill Co-op preschool has been a fixture of the local community since its origination in 1952 and already offers low-cost, high-quality preschool to area children – and has been doing so for over 60 years! Cooperative preschools share a unique philosophy: when parents and students learn and grow together, children thrive. The school is one of seven parent-run cooperative preschools affiliated with the Seattle Central College. When parents join the Co-op, they also are automatically enrolled as students at Seattle Central College, enabling them to all the benefits of such. The monthly parent meetings count towards the college course “Parent Child Study Laboratory” and provide ongoing training and exchange of ideas with instructors and other parents.

Preschoolers at the Co-op learn to expect school and education to be fun. Students develop self-esteem, independence, and skills through play and activities overseen by professional educators (and supported by a rotating parents’ schedule). Parents get to participate in their child’s education, learn from other parents and professionals, network, and gain an instant set of new babysitting options!

While based in Capitol Hill (1200 10th Ave E in the basement of Trinity Lutheran Church), the preschool is open to all interested families in the Seattle area and has quite the reputation for drawing in students and parents who commute for the exceptional experience.

To learn more or to register, please visit the Capitol Hill Co-op’s website. To learn more about Seattle’s Universal Preschool ballot question, please visit the Seattle Preschool Program’s website.