CHS to the Final Four!

Well, sort of…

None of us seem to have picked more than one of the four remaining teams, alas.

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Current standings show dkmaestro in the lead, but they only have one of the four teams right (West Virginia)… and, as any sane person would, they picked Kansas to win it all, so things look bleak for most of our brackets.

scoville, svaldezz, zendragon0, and I also had WVU to the semi-finals, so that’s something, no?

kcrobinson06 has Duke going to the final game, so there’s a chance for a little shake-up there.

moltamatic also got Duke right, but picked them to lose to Kentucky, so…

And, of course, no one saw Butler coming.  But hey, mostly fun games, right?

CHS NCAA Round One Tally

Well, CHS, we made it through the first round, and I don’t know about you (well, I sort of do; you know what I mean), but my brackets took some hits…

All in good fun.  Here are the current standings (note:  the Times system awards bonus point for upsets, so huzzah to those of you with the guts to pick the underdogs!)  I’ve put the alias, followed by points, and then the number of bonus points you’ve been awarded:

1. saranut 160, 25
2. dkmaestro 151, 21
3. jaywalk5000 151, 26
4. kcrobinson06 149, 19
5. yancy9 141, 16
6. christinabollo 139, 14
7. svaldezz 138, 13
8. emilydominick 136, 11
9. willch22 131, 16
10. jenn9 130, 15
11. reginaaletto 129, 19
12. moltamatic 127, 7
13. scoville 121, 11
14. justin_carder1 110, 0
15. zendragon0 103, 8

Way to go with the upset picks saranut!  Cornell, Washington, Georgia Tech, and ODU!  

On a related note:  no bonus points, eh, jseattle? :)

Round two begins this morning.  Hey, we still haven’t tried to do a watch-party.  Any interest in some Sunday games?  I have to watch Kansas down at Sport (by the Space Needle) with the alumni group, but I suppose you all could also get together for today’s UW game (2:50 tipoff).  Thoughts on spots with TV’s?  Summit?  Redwood?

In any case, thanks for playing!  Good luck in round two!

CHS NCAA Basketball Bracket Fun

Well it’s tournament time again, and I’m super excited (and not just because my Kansas Jayhawks look so good).  I don’t know about you, but I had fun with last year’s CHS tournament pool

Let’s do it again!

I’m a fan of the simplicity and quiet of the New York Times bracket site, and I’ve created a CHS group there.  This link should take you to the group:

Hope to see you there; and let’s try for some CHS basketball watch parties!

Wow people can be real jerks

Not that the landscaping in front of my building is that great, but are you serious?  Sadly, despite my calling the police (yes, I’m that guy, at least tonight) immediately, they didn’t manage to make it here during the hour that this a-hole from Oregon left his car like this…

I’m just hoping he moved it to a loading zone… help me, karmic justice!

What is the Howell Collective?

And how did they get a P-Patch stamp that would make it so their mailing would fool me into excitedly thinking I might have gotten a coveted Capitol Hill P-Patch?

In any case, the mailing instead asks folks to email “pledging your support.”  Support, apparently, for a garden at 16th and E Howell,

a p-patch that will try a different style of community garden, a “collective” that does not have individual plots.  The whole garden (not just the common areas) will be designed, planted, maintained, and harvested together by community members that sign on to work the community garden.

So am I the only one in the dark about this organization?  And if you email them, does that mean I’ll get a p-patch sooner?


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Belated Congrats, christinabollo and UNC

The Huskies lost, my team lost, my bracket was “busted” when Pittsburgh lost … none of which really excuses my failure to say this sooner.  Apologies and congratulations, then, to christinabollo, who came in first in the CHS NCAA tournament pool.  Way to go!

I remember hearing j mention a prize, but I don’t know what ended up happening with that …

Well, until next year, CHS bball watchers.  Cheers and thanks for playing!

How’s Your Bracket, CHS?

Exciting first round for our tournament pool.

After quite a bit of shuffling, a good friend of mine (going by the excellently-colored handle Crimson&Blue) is on top, followed Pizza Fusion.

Pizza Fusion called the Dayton upset, and Crimson&Blue and dschonbe both made a good pick with Wisconsin over Florida State . . .

Josh and I are neck and neck at 4th and 5th, and it continues on, tightly packed, from there.

Of course, the first round is crazy (and crazy fun), and the scoring will eventually make it so these current standings are totally irrelevant.  But anyway, there we have it.

Fun so far.

Oh, any further thoughts on where to watch?  There’s another Husky game, around 2pm today.  CHS watch party, anyone?

Does CHS do NCAA?

So I was out with some fellow CHSers the other day chatting about the whole college basketball thing thang . . .

Which got me wondering:  if I started a CHS Capitol Hill Seattle group over on the New York Times site, would anyone join and trade guesses with me?

Maybe even do a watch party or two?  Redwood seems fun, and I know Coastal Kitchen opens early and has a TV just sitting there waiting to show sports . . .

Here’s that group again:

PS, I’m experimenting with this Times thing; if it won’t work, please feel free to suggest alternate platforms!  You’ll need a (free!) account with the Times, but you already have one of those, right?