Cal Anderson Lighting Study Open House

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 6:00 pm @ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Cal Anderson Shelter House
1635 11th Ave Seattle WA
Cal Anderson Lighting Study Open House @ Cal Anderson Shelter House

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is undertaking a lighting study for improved lighting at Cal Anderson Park. The goal of this project will be to define a path forward that both enhances the night-time experience of visitors while preserving the historical character of Cal Anderson Park.

Building on the community’s previous work and in response to the concerns of community members that many areas of the park have insufficient lighting, SPR will use evaluations of the current lighting and work with designers and stakeholders to inform a solution that meets their needs. This will include public outreach, an examination of alternatives, cooperation with the Landmarks Board, Cal Anderson Park Alliance, Capitol Hill Housing, Friends of Seattle Olmsted Parks, and others.

Through a series meetings with these community groups and a public meeting, Berger Partnership, the original designers of the park, as well as Dark Light Design, who completed the Cal Anderson Lighting Master Plan (LMP) in 2015, will work with Seattle Parks and Recreation to build on the LMP and arrive at a schematic design including the selection of appropriate fixtures for a future lighting enhancement capital project.

The goals and intentions of  this study:

  • Study alternatives for improving the lighting at Cal Anderson Park, including adding lighting and retrofitting existing light fixtures for greater energy-efficiency.
  • Develop specific projects and detailed cost estimates.
  • Maintain the historic Olmsted character of this Landmarked park.
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