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Monday, June 8, 2020 - 4:00 pm @ 4:00 PM
Goethe Pop Up Seattle
1424 11th AVE
Seattle WA 98122
Goethe Pop Up Seattle
(202) 873 7881

From Thinking to Seeing to Acting.

Join Goethe Pop Up Seattle on June 8th for an online digital salon where we will begin by reflecting on the state of unsettledness in our country today and the dangers that this might represent. We will then move on to discuss the ways in which media, and specifically visual media and imagery, can modify and distort our essential public dialog around political and other issues. We will attempt this analysis through the lenses of understanding provided by Hannah Arendt and Vilém Flusser, two German Jewish philosophers who fled Nazi rule in Europe in the 30’s and 40’s, and who emigrated to the US and Brazil, respectively.

“Unsettling the Apparatus” will bring together Arendt scholar Samantha Rose Hill and Flusser scholar Andreas Ströhl, who will present some of the key ideas of each of these theorists relevant to the topics above. We will then hear from and see work by artist-theorists Anne Beffel and Brazilian born Simone Osthoff, to learn something about how artists respond to their individual political moments. Finally, we will round out our discussion with Hasaan Kirkland, an independent art curator. Moderated by Ken Winnick.

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